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and you won’t get hurt, Pops.

Wordless Wednesday

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Sunbathing and Thank You and…

You’re seeing correctly – that’s Finn outside and Charley inside…


They crack me up!

I also want to take a moment to thank Gizmo and Wally & Sammy for my award!  It is really nice to be recognized and to be welcomed!! Thank you guys!


And…I called my Parks Department about my trip to the preserve and the archery hunting and they told me that the sign was for real and archery hunting season is in November.  Even still, don’t think we will be going back there!

Make Yourself at Home, Charley

All nestled in. He is quite the snuggler and cuddler!


Thanks for all of your suggestions on the poop issue. We have been giving him pineapple for just about a week now, so we will continue with that for a little longer.  We had a small success yesterday, mixed in with a small setback…Charley pooped in his crate in the afternoon…but didn’t eat it!

Bitey Face

Hewwwow! Finnackles here.  You remember me, right?  The cute one!

Wishing all of my fellow Italian’s a Happy St. Joseph’s Day!


And by now, you’ve met my little bro, Charley.  We’re not sure if he’s Italian yet…


I didn’t want to say anything, but you may have noticed Momma changed the title and the little tag on MY BLOG to include Charley. She asked me if she could, and after thinking about it, I told her that was OK. We’ve been spending a lot of time together, and it doesn’t look like he is leaving any time soon, so I figured why not…

So, she had a quick question about this bitey face business. She said that she read that two dogs won’t do it when they are home alone, that we only do it in front of people. She doesn’t believe anything I say, so she wants to know if that’s true??  Any opinions on that?


Ranting Momma

Finn’s Momma here. Bit of a different blog post again today.  And probably the next few times.  Since we have Charley and he is driving me nutso, I am going to blog about him for a while.  But this is ok because I will give you the Finn fix.

2013-03-06 19.56.38

She’s alive, and she is happy. I swear it.  When I take her out by herself, she looks back for Charley to come too.  It’s sweet.  Of course she is still a little jealous and we’re working on that, but today I want to focus on Charley.

I think I was duped. Lied to. Deceived. Had a rug pulled over my eyes. I think Charley had been previously adopted by another family and had been returned. Not that I mind per se, I just want to know why they returned him.

You see, Charley was horsing around on one of the first days we had him, and I had decided that training would begin then. So after a quick “Sit” command, he sat. Thinking back about it, he instinctively walked on my left side when we went for our first walk together. He can roll-over and he knew “stay” and “come” the first time we tried it with him. I doubt the kennel worked with him on this, since the times we went to visit him, there was overworked staff, barely keeping up with visitors’ requests, just trying to clean up after and feed all the animals. Training doesn’t seem to be the number 1 priority there.  So do I have a genius dog or was he home with another family?

And if he was home with another family, WHY THE COMPLICATIONS WITH THE POTTY TRAINING?  He can hold it overnight for up to 11 hours, but peeing in the house is just second nature to him.  We are working on it, and some days we take two steps forward and other days, we take four steps back.  I know we will get there.  I just needed to rant.

And, do I have a right to know about the supposed return?  Should I call the kennel and ask?  Will they really tell me?  Should I even care?

Oh, and just so you don’t think we are horrible hu-parents who are providing a loving home to one doggie and a horrible one to another, we’re not.  Charley’s getting love.  I think he’s a happy doggie.  Oh, and he can do the stairs now too.  Finn showed him how.

2013-03-06 19.36.34

Houston, We Have a Problem.

Roger that Charley.


At least I haven’t lost my sense of humor…yet. I want to apologize for not visiting you all as much as I would like to. I am having some adjustment issues in my house….just getting into a routine with the two doggies.

Sometimes I feel like Finn is adjusting just fine. And then other times (see above picture), I don’t think she is doing fine. That would be her resting her head in between my thighs.  Note to self: this camera angle is not complimentary to my thighs.  I just try to give her some special one on one time every day and some extra rubs and treats. I am quite mindful of the jealousy situation.


I heard what some of you said about Charley perhaps being housebroken and just nervous about the new situation and that’s why there were accidents. I have had the pleasure of being woken up at 3 am and 4 am to let him out.  He rattles in his crate a bit to let us know it’s time and off we go.  We also had our dog walker come last week and make sure he was getting out, and there weren’t any problems mid-day.  However, there have been random peeps and poops in the house, and we are just trying to give him the opportunity to go out with reward as much as possible.  Ah, the learning curve.  We’re getting there.

My apprehension is really because I have never owned more than one dog at one time. And remember, Finn was my first dog. So, I am sure for a while you’ll have to hear about my latest trials and tribulations with the two of them. But, I figure if I throw in a cute picture of Finn here and there, you won’t mind, will you?


Best Seat in the House

It’s a little dark, but I hope you can see it – she’s snuggled in between my legs. And completely un-interested in her pillow right in front of her. *Sigh*

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Bad to the Bone Contest

By now you know, Tucker is having a Bad to the Bone Contest.
I thought you all might want to see my entry since you probably all think I am cute, and adorable, and have a snuggly little puppy face.
Don’t be fooled.  I am bad.  To the bone.
This is how I described my bad behavior to Tucker:
See, my Pops is a contractor.  And sometimes Momma lets him eat his dinner in front of the tv cause she knows he’s been working hard all day.
I however, do not care how hard he works.
And, I want a piece of his dinner.

You see here, I start out just watching him.

Then I move in a little closer.

Then I jump on him to get a quick lick of what he’s eating.

Bad I tell you.  Real bad.

Tucker’s accepting entries until September 21st.  You gotta email him your badness.

You Know What Drives Momma CRAZY?!?!

The perfect lighting….
The perfect setting….

Isn’t it grand?
Don’t forget – states M-Z send your info to my momma for the Christmas card exchange!!
For all the details, check out her blog post here!  Deadline is on November 19th.

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