Happy Halloween!

Thank you Molly the Wally and Mollie!

Over the weekend, our local pet store had a Halloween party.

To get Finnackles in the mood before we got there, we practiced walking around the house with her costume on.  Last year, the wearing of the costume didn’t go so well, so instead of buying a new one knowing she would only wear it for a few minutes, we decided to recycle and wear the same one from last year.

And then Finn told me what she really felt about it…


So, off we go to the party – every dog from town was there!

And some other critters too!

We had a great time.  We played with some of the doggies and bobbed for biscuits and we got some good treats too!

I want to thank you all for your thoughts about us through the storm.  We hope that the other folks who were in her path are able to get their power back on quickly and have some clean water real soon.  Hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween

This is so humiliating…

Well, our Halloween costume parade got rained out over the weekend, and I have been summonsed for jury duty today, so luckily for Finn, she will not have to wear her costume too long today.  Pops certainly isn’t going to make her wear it!  But, I think she looks so cute, don’t you?