Out With the Old…

Hewwwow!  Finn here.  One day, Momma and Pops were going about their regular going-to-work routine, and I heard a big truck pull up.  They had ordered a new fence for the back yard, and the company had a cancellation that day, and guess what?  We were getting that fence that day.
Momma said it’s funny how things work, because on that same day, her commuter train line into the concrete jungle was suspended.
A train hit a car and killed a man earlier in the morning.  Trains were cancelled on her line until 3PM that day and delayed on the other lines around us.
So she got to work from home while the fence guys put up our new fence.
Out with the old.


More investigating
After my initial investigation, I decided it would be best if I just laid down and let Momma take some pictures and I would wait until it was all over.
There was a lot of grinding and banging and I didn’t take so well to that.  I was sure glad Momma was home that day!
Adding the posts

We had to wait a day to let the cement dry before they added the…

Gates!  In with the new!  
Remember to start snapping away for your Olympic pictures!  Your Closing Ceremony pics can be sent to marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com.  You can start sending them July 9th!
And head on over to George and Tess’ and watch me join them today for their steps!

More of Seein’ the Sites

My final destination on the subway is beneath a building which has a cute plaza.  In the station, they’ve hung old photographs from when the plaza was being built.

I thought it would be nice one sunny day to eat my lunch in the plaza.  
I tried the stairs closest to where I worked.  It was blocked.
Then I tried to lap the building, and hopefully the plaza to get in there.  Nope.  I was stopped by “Security.”  I was told I wasn’t allowed admittance and I couldn’t take a picture.  
Since I wanted to desperately to show you some art, I remembered right across from where I work is a little sculpture park.  Smile man in the blue shirt.
I love playing tourist.

We’ll have some more sites next month!


Cold Nose

…and sleepy.
Now don’t forget, starting July 9th, we’ll be accepting pics for the Olympics – every event!  


This is Finn speak for “Give me the Bobble”
(…since it is filled with treats)
We say she learned this out of The Golden Handbook.
You guys have things you do out of your handbook?

Treat Pods

…A Silent Learning Toy…
(as the package says)
I gave this toy two VERY BIG thumbs up at first!
You hide a treat in between those plastic pods
(they slide over so you can squeeze one in).

And then the dog has to push them apart to take the treat out.

It kept her occupied for over an hour!  
Over and over and over again.
And then, one night, we noticed Finn was playing with this toy for an extremely long time.
She chewed through the knot and separated all the pods out so she could get in between them a little better.  

And now we give this toy two thumbs down!
Now, don’t forget to start taking pics of your athletes for all the upcoming games, and remember to include a picture of them in the sitting position (or, if you can’t sit, like the crabs, then you know, just get their picture taken!) for the Closing Ceremony too.  You can start sending your pictures on July 9th.  Send your closing ceremony pic to marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com


First, I do believe we were awarded some honors this weekend while we had the sickies.  I have lost track of the comments, but I would like to thank everyone for thinking of us and passing along the awards to us!
Here is our post for the day:
I don’t know why I am finding Finn’s adeptness at retrieving so funny, but I do.
These are some sweats I was wearing for jammies.  
I left them on the bed when I went to work.
I came home from work and found them on the floor with her other toys.
This is a recurring phenomenon.  Sometimes my jammie shirt winds up by the front door, sometimes on our sofa, etc.  But not a day goes by where they don’t find their way down the stairs and on the floor with the rest of her toys.
Oh Finn.

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