Back to School

I am ready to hit the books today!
I got my backpack that Sarge designed for me…

Stylin’ baby!  That’s celestial style!
Thanks Sarge!
Momma and Pops said I don’t have to take the bus, I’ll be walking.
You know, Operation Phat and all.
NOPE!  Don’t stop here Mista!
And I am heading down to class.  
Do you think the teacher’s gonna like what I brought?
Maybe I should have bagged some extra treats.
Well, I know for lunch I am getting some pizza at Sasha’s!
Whoa whoa, what’s this?!  Math!?!
Yeah, 1 Squirrel plus
1 Squirell
Me running all over the place!!
See ya all there!
Maybe if we are all good this year, we can think about this for next year!