Mom’s Bad Day or Finn’s Bad Day, whichever way you want to look at it!

It started so innocently – she got her leg caught up in her leash and I bent down to untangle her and WHAMMO – I felt a bump!  I tried to hold down the fifty pound beast and reach for it again, but alas, she flailed and ran out of my grip.  Was it, *gulp* a tick?!??  She wouldn’t let me hold her, and so, I called a co-worker in another part of the building.  “COME UP HERE NOW.”  A bottle of mineral spirits, some q-tips, a tweezer, the two of us holding her down, and viola!  We got it.

But wait, a second look, a second feel, and there was…ANOTHER ONE.  Ugh.  Get the qtips back out – get in position to hold her down again, lots of “Yes, you’re a goood girl, yes yes yes, gooooood girl.”   – Mission Accomplished.  

I am being over dramatic of course.  I am very lucky my boss loves dogs.  And that my co-workers don’t think I am crazy.    And that Advantix works (I should mention here that my co-worker said they were practically dead, just clinging to the fur).  Finn’s fine – lots of treats and she’s back to her old normal self – sleeping with her head under my table’s leg!

Vile arachnid!