Versatile Blogger

Well, I was just tickled when the 2 Brown Dawgs passed along the Versatile Blogger award to us this week!  We are just honored!  Finn meets a lot to our family, and so it makes me very happy that she has her own following here in Blogville.

The award requires that we share seven things about ourselves.  From Finn’s point of view, here we go…

Hanging in Momma’s office yesterday

1. I’m Momma’s first dog and it just drives Pops crazy that she is the one who has trained me to listen to all commands.

First picture together

2.  I’m a girl golden.  Lots of people call me a “he.”  They don’t see my pink collar??  Or my loveable cute face?

3.  Every morning, I head into Momma and Pop’s bedroom and see what they have left on the floor for me to bring downstairs and throughout the house.  Some mornings it’s a sock, some mornings it’s a t-shirt.  They know I am coming up to find something to retrieve, so they leave it out for me the night before.  They think I don’t know this.

4.  Momma is petrified of bringing me to the dog park by herself, so I only go with both humans.  She schmoozes with the other humans while Pops makes sure the pool and bowls have clean water and that I am playing nicely with the other pups.

5.    They can’t believe how quickly I chew through the toys they buy me.  I have very sharp teeth.  It doesn’t matter what they get me – squeaky toys, rope toys, stuffed animals – there are very few toys I haven’t destroyed.

6.  When Pops comes home late, I follow him around until I am ready to fall asleep at night.  I just miss him so much during the day if he’s not around.  As you saw yesterday, I just wait at the door and look out for his vehicle to pull in.

7.  Momma always checks the geographic location of my bloggie viewers!  We can figure some of our international friends out, but we always love to see new places pop up – Portugal, Russia, India – who are the folks checking in from here?

And now, to pass on the award, I would like to honor my friend Megan.  We’ve been friends for about ten years; we met working together during graduate school.  She’s a wife of a Marine, raising two children in Japan, and she blogs about her transition to life there and about her wonderful family.  I am always looking forward to what she has to post next!