Olympic Events for July 31st

Tuesday July 31st 

Madi:  Gymnastics http://downhomeinnc.blogspot.com 
Lily Bell and Muffin:  Couch Potato Peeling http://lovablelily.blogspot.com
Head on over and check them out!  You will see my intense floor/ab exercises and my peeling skillz are ranked among the highest around the world!

Olympic Events for July 30th!

Monday 30th July 
Corbin:  Cross Neighborhood Walkabout http://cutecorbin.blogspot.com
Benny and Lily:  Beach Ball http://www.twofrenchbulldogs.com
Head on over and check them out!

Thank goodness I am back to my highest level of athletic competition after yesterday’s sleeping and narrative events.  I should be on my game today for the walkabout!

I’m actually terrified of beach balls (Thank you Rocco at the dog park for instilling that fear in me), but I will be on the sidelines cheering you all on in that event!!

Olympic Events for July 29th!

Sunday 29th July
Oscar:  Crazy Sleeping Singles and Synchronized Sleeperswww.oskarsblog.com
Bertie:  Bouncing (narrative style)http://bouncingbertie.blogspot.com
Head on over and go check them out!

Now, yesterday I overdid it a bit with the tacos at Jazzis, so I am glad today includes a narrative event…whew!  I am loving our Olympics so far –
did you see all those swimmers yesterday!??!  Just awesome!

Olympic Events for July 28th!

Saturday 28th July
Jazzi:  Window Nose Art http://jazzis-world.blogspot.com
Head on over and go check them out!

Now, I stayed up to watch the Opening Ceremonies last night, and the human Olympics didn’t have quite the same torch lighting and the parade didn’t have our awesome commentator!  So far, the Blogville Olympics are taking the human Olympics, paws down!

Let the Games Begin!

Here is the schedule for the next two weeks!  Hope everyone has a great time!   

 See here for more information!
Friday 27th July 
Posey:  Parade of Athletes  http://posiedog.blogspot.com
Roo:  OPENING Extravaganza  http://www.roosdoins.com
Frankie Furter:  Olympic Committeehttp://frankiefurterprice.blogspot.com

And check out this Smile box!!: http://justustexasdachsies.blogspot.com/

Yep, I am!  Go check it out!!
Saturday 28th July
Jazzi:  Window Nose Art http://jazzis-world.blogspot.com
Sarge:  Swimming http://sargespeaksout.blogspot.com

Sunday 29th July
Oscar:  Crazy Sleeping Singles and Synchronized Sleeperswww.oskarsblog.com
Bertie:  Bouncing (narrative style)http://bouncingbertie.blogspot.com

Monday 30th July 
Corbin:  Cross Neighborhood Walkabout and Catch me IF you Can http://cutecorbin.blogspot.com
Benny and Lily:  Beach Ball http://www.twofrenchbulldogs.com

Tuesday 31st July 

Madi:  Gymnastics http://downhomeinnc.blogspot.com 

Lily Bell and Muffin:  Couch Potato Peelinghttp://lovablelily.blogspot.com

Wednesday 1st August

Mona and Weenie:  Tongue Curling/Raspberry and Critter Stalking http://justustexasdachsies.blogspot.com

Pip:  Discus / Frisbee http://pipinthegame.blogspot.com

Thursday 2nd August

Goose:  Stick(s) http://gospelofgoose.blogspot.com

Bert:  Pole Jumping http://fourleggedviews.blogspot.com

Friday 3rd August

Murphy and Stanley:  Marathon Chewinghttp://murphyandstanley.blogspot.com

Puddles:  Digging http://wethreedoxies.blogspot.com

Saturday 4th August

Declan:  Tuneful Farting http://www.declansdogsblog.co.uk

Casey:  Keep Away http://savetheboxers.blogspot.com

Sunday 5th August

Rubie and Poots:  Equestrianhttp://rubieadventures.blogspot.com

Mayzie:  Camera Avoidance Tae Kwon Dohttp://mayziegal.wordpress.com

Monday 6th August

Shasta and Shiloh:  Synchronized Peeing http://beagle-home.blogspot.com

Ruthie:  DE-Stuffing http://k-9katastrophie.blogspot.com

Tuesday 7th August

Susie and Sidebite:  Free Style Zoomieshttp://susieandsidebite.blogspot.com

Ruby and Penny:  Roaching and Rollinghttp://agenuineruby.blogspot.com

Wednesday 8th August 

Bailey and Katy:  Squirrel Hurdleshttp://sheltietimes.blogspot.com

Indigo:  DRAW your Peeplehttp://cheshiredanes.blogspot.co.uk
Lulu:  Snack Sack Race http://www.thefogcitylu.blogspot.com

Thursday 9th August

Sasha:  Boxing http://chicamom85-sassyshasha.blogspot.com

Frank the Tank:  EXTREME Weather Sportshttp://theadventuresofthetank.blogspot.com

Friday 10th August

Max:  Turbo Track www.maxthequiltcat.com

Luna and Cynder:  Snoopendous SniffAthonhttp://lunadogslife.blogspot.com

Saturday 11th August

Mollie Jo:  The Great Tennis Ball Tournament http://kwing-dogeared.blogspot.com

Uji and Izzy:  Bathtub Wrestling http://ro-uj-iz.blogspot.com

Sunday 12th August 

Finn:  CLOSING CEREMONY http://finnhoward.blogspot.com

Doggone Doggie Swap

We participated in The Wyldechild’s Doggone Doggie Swap again this year!  We love getting surprises in the mail.  Our partner was Cali and we got our pressie box last week!

Finn gets right in there!

Nice!  A large rope toy for chewing!

Awesome!  Another rope toy!
That would be Finn jumping in the background!

New fave!

Plenty of treats!



Thanks Cali and thank you to the Wylde One for hosting the swap!

Darn Rug.

One day, I noticed the rug in the dining room was bubbling.  
It wasn’t like that the day before. 
We lifted it up, and discovered a HUGE wet mark underneath the rug.
Could it have been a leak from the air conditioning?  No, ruled that out.
Did Finn pee on the rug?  
She had let us sleep in until 8am that day, a feat which rarely happens.
So maybe she didn’t bug us to get up because she didn’t need to go out?
We put down some paper towels and noticed that the liquid was not yellow.
Hmmm…hubby had played with Finn in the sprinkler the day before, she came in sopping wet and she had laid down on the rug to take a nap.  
Ah ha!  The top part had dried, but the bottom had not. 
So, alas, we had to dry out the rug and weigh it down on the edges so it bubbled no more.

Now we dry her off after all sprinkler fun.

A Dog’s Journey

I have a lot of time to read in my commute.  I usually run into the library on weekends and grab a couple of books off the New Releases shelf and that will tide me over for a week.  So one day, I noticed this book was in my pile to read, and I will thrilled!  

A Dog’s Journey was a wonderful read.  It is the story about a dog, who is re-incarnated several times, trying to find the purpose of his lives, and understanding that it is his role to care for a woman, CJ.  The dog meets CJ as a baby, a teenager, a young woman, and then as a older daughter caring for her sick mother, and each time she has an increasing and desperate need to be unconditionally loved, as only a dog can do.  It isn’t until their final meeting where the dog knows he has done his job of caring for, protecting, loving, and being a true companion to CJ, and other people he has run into along the way.
I have to tell you, I laughed at times, I full on sobbed at times (in a packed train during rush hour with tears streaming down my face) and I smiled at times knowing that our dogs pick us, and what a wonderful idea it is that they may be looking out for us over and over again through their own path.
A great book – as long as you don’t mind accepting a tissue from the man next to you on the train (yes!).  Well worth reading.

And Finn enjoys the extra hugs I give her now after I read it too.

Manhattan Dogs

I think
  they think 
they’ve got more swagger than non-Manhattan dogs.

they haven’t met us, you know?
*No Manhattan dogs were harmed or insulted in the creation of this blog post*

Last Call, Closing Ceremony Pics!

Your deadline is tonight!  
I will NOT accept any more pictures after 11:59pm (EST)
– – Olympic Committee rules, you understand.
Send me a picture of your competitor in the sitting position by the end of the day!
Email marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com

Now, you might be wondering which sports The Finn will be participating in.
We joined in oodles of them…
Olympic Bloopers
Parade of Athletes
Window Nose Art
Sleeping Singles
Cross Neighborhood Walkabout
Couch Potato Peeling
Marathon Chewing
Keep Away
Camera Avoidance
Free-Style Zoomies
Draw your Peoples
Snack Sack Race
Extreme Weather Sports
Snoopendous Sniff-a-thon
Bathtub Wrestling
Tennis Ball Tournament

I never knew I was so talented!  Move over Michael Phelps!

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