…a girl just needs her alone time, you know?


A Happy Easter to all!

And head on over to Molly the Wally’s to see….ME in her Sunday Guest Spot.  Thank you Molly for having us!

She Hearts Her Peanut Butter

When we put Charley in to the crate, we give him a little peanut butter incentive in the kong. I guess he doesn’t lick it clean – Finn goes in after he gets out so she can get every last drop!


Charley’s First Walk in the Woods

On Saturday, we headed out to our local state park for a walk in the woods.  The park had been closed right after Hurricane Sandy and had only reopened about a month ago.  This pic was taken on Saturday!  Still a lot of down trees.


It was nice to get out and enjoy it again. We were concerned because Charley’s been swallowing sticks, but he did okay. And, I mean look at these pics; these guys are like frick and frack.  Just delightful.




I have to say, the double sit is difficult! I am very impressed with you guys who can get your dogs to line up and look at the camera! Anyway, a great time was had by all on our walkie!  (Is it me or does Finn look like she wants out of this walkie?  BOL!)

Book Ends

Momma says we look like some book ends for the coffee table.  I think Momma’s crazy.



I love how big her smile is! (You’ll have to click to magnify it).  It makes ME smile!

2013-03-16 19.07.45

Have a great weekend!

Martha Clara Vineyards

Last weekend, we took a drive out to Martha Clara Vineyards.  We took Finn there last winter and she had an amazing time, so we thought we would bring Charley out to a destination (other than the vet and the dog run) for the first time.  The wonderful thing about the wineries by us is that they are all pet friendly.  Well, we hadn’t realized that it was the day before St. Paddy’s, and the wineries were doing there own celebrating, so it was completely packed.  I took Charley into the area where you can buy wine, and he was so nervous.  Another woman with a dog came over, and he sniffed a bit, but he had no interest really after the initial meeting.  I forced a couple of laps around the gift shop while hubs played with Finn a bit and then we went outside and sniffed around with the farm animals.




It’s so interesting to see some personality differences. Finn would have jumped right in there with these guys and Charley was more interested in finding sticks and sniffing the bird poop!

Bitey Face

Hewwwow! Finnackles here.  You remember me, right?  The cute one!

Wishing all of my fellow Italian’s a Happy St. Joseph’s Day!


And by now, you’ve met my little bro, Charley.  We’re not sure if he’s Italian yet…


I didn’t want to say anything, but you may have noticed Momma changed the title and the little tag on MY BLOG to include Charley. She asked me if she could, and after thinking about it, I told her that was OK. We’ve been spending a lot of time together, and it doesn’t look like he is leaving any time soon, so I figured why not…

So, she had a quick question about this bitey face business. She said that she read that two dogs won’t do it when they are home alone, that we only do it in front of people. She doesn’t believe anything I say, so she wants to know if that’s true??  Any opinions on that?


Happiness is a Blur of Fur

2013-03-13 18.33.11

This is what I see when I walk in the door at night!

I want to thank all of you who commented on my rants last week.  I just needed to let it allllllll out.  I decided not to call the shelter where we got Charley.  I decided that no matter what they could have told me, I wouldn’t be returning him, so it’s ok.

He’s doing a lot better at his potty training.  Just some minor peeps if the dog walker can’t get him to go in the middle of the day, and we have it mostly all under control when we are home.  He sleeps through the night and we are enjoying getting to know him now too.

He has a lot of energy!  And Finn just loves to play with him.  When I come home and see two happy puppies who can’t wait to give me hugs and kisses and licks hello, I know we did the right thing by bringing him into our family.

Pip and Puddles Appreciation Day! And Some Beach Party Action!

Congratulations to my fur-ends, Pip and Puddles!  It is my honor to congratulate you on this day, when Blogville crowns you King of Cheeseburgers and Queen of Merriment and Mayhem!!  (We definitely got into some mayhem in NYC, right guys – BOL!!!)  Enjoy your day!!

REVPip and Puddles Couch-001(1)

AND, today you can find me with my bf Wally (and Charley and Sammy are coming to) at the beach par-tay!!! How much fun!! So glad I get to see my bf today, I have been missing him sooo…

Beach Party




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