Charley’s First Trip to the Beach

We had such beautiful weather over the weekend that we decided to take a drive up to the beach. We’ve taken Finn and she just loves it there. Charley was slightly more skeptical. We decided in hindsight that perhaps a dip in the kiddie pool would have been a better first introduction to playing in the water, but he did manage to dip a little paw in before we left.



Finn’s version of heaven.


First and only paw dip!


Finn and Pops are playing on a tree branch in the distance.

I'm happy on the sand, thanks!

I’m happy on the sand, thanks!

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Breaking Down Beach Day

Hey Sprinkles – hope this answers your question – the water looks different because it got dirty from all of the sand!  
Today some volunteers came back to break down from Beach Day.  They dug this trench so that the water would flow out from the tarp and seep back into the sand.  They thought this would be easier than just picking up the tarp with all that water in it!  Only a handful of dogs went in to enjoy the warm water, including our Finnie.  Nothing stops her!

Beach Day 2011

Our doggie park hosted Beach Day today!  I invited a friend and her pup to join us, and man, did we have fun!  They set a huge doggie pool for all the dogs to go in, with a  refreshing sprinkler on the side.
Where’s Finn??
At first Finn wouldn’t even go in the pool, and when she did, she splashed around on the edges…

Then she decided to go for it!

And, of course, the “after” picture.  Great Saturday morning fun!