Broken Bones

I hope you can see these pictures clearly enough – she has cracked open the bone!  Crazy!  When I heard the sound, I thought she cracked open a tooth!

I did it!

And it’s even more delicious!

Psychological Games

We thought we would run a psychological experiment and see what response we would elicit by putting all of Finn’s toys up on the coffee table like this.

And this is what we got:

Joke’s on us.

Wordless Wedsnesday


Blogger vs WordPress

Many of you have asked me since I have switched over to wordpress why I was doing it and if I liked it.  I wanted to give you a breakdown of my blogger and wordpress experiences now that I have been over here for a while….

I moved over to wordpress for more security in the beginning.  In wordpress, spam is pulled out of your comments and it is all spam +1 W

And in wordpress, you have to authorize a new visitor to leave their first comments +1 W

That being said, Madi’s comments are always in my spam folder -1 W

I found Blogger a little more intuitive as a program.  I feel that their system is more navigable and I could figure out any changes they made to itself in a day or two +1B

WordPress seems to be slightly more professional, and you can create your own domain name for a minimal charge +1 W

When I logged into my gmail, I was logged into Blogger.  I miss having the two connected +1 B

I know that Blogger users now have to enter more information in order to leave a comment.  -1 W  But it is for security purposes, so I appreciate all you who do that.

In wordpress, you know if someone else in wordpress is responding to your comments +1 W  In blogger, you had to go back to that person’s blog to see if there was a response or comment, and I never really followed up on that.

In wordpress, you can search easier for other blogs you would like to follow or check out.  I have found a few new dog blogs on here I never knew existed on blogger +1 W

Sometimes, in wordpress, all of the blogs that I follow don’t pop up when I try to go through them.  If I log in when I wake up, it will tell me I have a handful of new posts, and then if I go back later, there will be a ton of posts that weren’t there the first time from overnight.  It is the weirdest thing -1 W

So, to break it down:

WordPress 2, Blogger 2

Down to the Marina

Hewwwow!  Finnackles here.  Sniffing out some local park action in preparation for my new cabinet position.  I had the Momma person drive me down to Smith Point Marina!  I should tell you, this was before that Sandy person blew her way through.  Momma says what we saw the day we went there probably doesn’t quite look the same now…

I had not been to a marina before. I did not know what to expect there. On the way down, Momma person told me there might be boats! I have never been in a boat. Anyways, someone forgot to tell her it was off-season, and there were no boats. No matter. I sniffed this place out.

And I made sure the local infrastructure was up to snuff.

I checked out where the boats would have been loaded and unloaded if it were summertime, ahem.

And then Momma let me play in the sand and water!

Four paws up!  We had a great time!

Christmas Card Outtakes

I don’t want to give away any surprises as to our Christmas card photos this year, but you know I love outtakes.  So, enjoy these.

Finn Misses Her Momma

Miss you too baby.  Hope my sneakers smell to your satisfaction.

After spending two weeks home together, it’s hard to get back into the routine!  I promise we’ll do something fun this weekend!

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