Waiting For Another Dog To Arrive….

Beach Day 2012

Our dog park had its annual beach day!  Finn loved it!
Volunteers dig out this huge pool by hand and then 
guard it with the fence until the moment we open.
And then it’s a free for all to get in!

And we’re spent!

We’re In Trouble

Finn now recognizes the passes for the dog park.  
I took them out of the cabinet on Wednesday and she went bonkers!
That would be a leap she is performing.  In reaction to the passes.

PSA and Dog Park Wrestling

Happy Independence Day!!
My friend Megan always says you have to call today Independence Day, and not just the Fourth of July.  On Christmas you don’t say “Merry 25th of December,” do you?  
Of course not!
Let’s remember what this day is all about!
Now, on to the show – 
Finn thinks she can take on the 160 lb-er.
Pause while the other doggie owner takes a picture.

Back to it.

Is wrestling a Blogville Olympic sport??
I think Finn’s a contender this year.

Dog Park Doins’

Our dog park separates the dogs by size, so doggies under 30 pounds are separate from those over 30 pounds.  Genius idea!  Until there is only one doggie on one side…

who whines and whines until the doggies on the other side come over and play…
and chase each other back and forth up and down the fence.
This is Heidi…
She turned one today!  There she is giving Dodger a run for his money.
C’mon Finn, catch up!

And here’s Marmaduke.  He’s a no nonsense type of dog.
Here’s our new friend, Durga.  She’s visiting down from Buffalo this week.
Just some pics of what we’ve been up to this weekend!  
Thank you to everyone for your kind words about my new job.  Once I am settled, I will be sharing some more about that.
How are you all doing out there?

Other Goldens

Here are Jasmine and Sam, other goldens we meet regularly at the park.

Finn loves them.
Sometimes, I wonder what she’s thinking when she plays with them.  We have given a voice to Finn, and my husband and I have full-on conversations of what we think Finn is thinking.
On this day, it went something like this…
“Mom?  Dad?  Is that you?  Oh, you want to take me home with you?  Okay…”
Nah, she came a running back.  
But I always wonder what she’s thinking when she sees them…

Doggie Park in the Rain

I thought it would be a good idea to take Finn for some running with the dogs.  It started to drizzle, but I thought it would be okay.  Little did I know that in twenty minutes it would start to pour!

I’m glad we weren’t the only ones there!  Actually, one of these folks admitted that they didn’t even have a pooch pass and that they were outlaws.  Who let them in?!?!

Even though they are soaked, they still manage to make their way over to the pool…

Time to go!  So cute when wet!

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Breaking Down Beach Day

Hey Sprinkles – hope this answers your question – the water looks different because it got dirty from all of the sand!  
Today some volunteers came back to break down from Beach Day.  They dug this trench so that the water would flow out from the tarp and seep back into the sand.  They thought this would be easier than just picking up the tarp with all that water in it!  Only a handful of dogs went in to enjoy the warm water, including our Finnie.  Nothing stops her!

Beach Day 2011

Our doggie park hosted Beach Day today!  I invited a friend and her pup to join us, and man, did we have fun!  They set a huge doggie pool for all the dogs to go in, with a  refreshing sprinkler on the side.
Where’s Finn??
At first Finn wouldn’t even go in the pool, and when she did, she splashed around on the edges…

Then she decided to go for it!

And, of course, the “after” picture.  Great Saturday morning fun!