~Happy Fourth of July~

About ten people told us if Finn didn’t have a problem with thunder, she wouldn’t have a problem with fireworks.  The country club that sits next to where I work has fireworks every year, and we decided we would join some other folks up on the field and view them.

So head up to work Saturday night.  I think Finn was confused as to why we were pulling in up there after dinner, but she rolled with it.  We were told the show started at 8:30.  It started at 9:15!  We had plenty of time to walk around the field and watch the sun set.  We took Finn over to a hose and splashed her down – it’s getting hot in NY!

And then the show began!

Finn did pretty good.  At first she wanted to run back to the hose area, and once she got there, she laid down and looked up and watched!  I didn’t catch a shot of that – Dad took her over there so I could stay and watch the show, but this is her happy face before we were about to leave.  Way to go Finn!
Have a safe and happy fourth of July!