We Got Mail!

Pawesome, just pawesome.  When Momma went to the mailbox on Saturday, there was a package in it for US!  YAYAY.  It was from Lassie and Benji!  They had a giveaway as part of July’s games to support Benny and we were their Ace match up for the prize.  I love the note!


First was the bracelet for Momma!


Then was a sign for our door – it looks like ME on the sign!


And then a chicken stuffie which we went crazy for!!  See what I mean?


Thank you Lassie, Benji and their Momma!! We loved our package!

We Got Mail!!

Way back before the Olympics, we got some mail!!

First, we got our drawing from Bailey’s Mom.  It came out so beautiful.  She really captured Finn’s spirit.  I’ll never know how she did it, but I fell in love with this drawing as I fell in love with Finn herself!

Then, we got another package on the same day!
We signed up for Barbox and this is what we found in July’s package!

I am so glad we signed up for this!  We got a squeaky toy, a bag of treats, a chew/teeth cleaning treat, some poopie bags and doggie bubbles!  I love getting surprises in the mail, and this was just wonderful!