Bringing the Kids to Work

I wish!  Since my commute involves a train ride, I don’t think my fellow passengers would appreciate my bringing two large dogs with me.  And I don’t know what their reaction would be to the subway scene either.  Buuuut, one day, I was missing them, and I decided to switch the background of my computer to pics of them, and I worked it so the slide show changes pictures every few hours!  I have about 15 pics or so in random rotation.

Nice!  You guys do anything like that or do I need a straight jacket?

2013-05-09 09.59.03

2013-05-09 10.59.36

2013-05-10 08.45.37

Visiting the Art Gallery

One Sunday, Momma took me to visit her at a small art gallery where she works part-time on the weekends.  They were in between shows, and it was a rainy day, so I got to sniff around for a while and keep her company!

Art exhibit?  Where??

The gallery is housed in a building that was erected in the 1860s!  Very cool!  So the exhibits hang in the every day living rooms which the family used during that time.

Hello beautiful!

I got to hang around the office where Momma takes care of the phones and helps the artists when they drop off and pick up their work!  Momma was asking me to model the proper way to prepare your frame for hanging, as you can see mounted behind me.  I am doing such a good job.

When do I get a raise?

I even got to climb on up to the attic, but it was closed…
And I got to weave in and out of the rooms.  It was a lot of fun.  Some of you might recall, I used to keep Momma company at her job every single day, so I really enjoyed this visit. 
We miss each other during the day!


Hewwwow!  Finn here.  Big doins around the house lately…

Momma got a new job!  Well, let’s rewind – – – three weeks ago, Momma and me were playing in her work-office-place when her boss and a lawyer’s assistant came in and told her that she lost her job!  And we needed to pack up and get out right away.  Something about the endowment being down and she was one of several that were being asked to go.

So, Momma packed up her office, and then she did something GREAT – she let me jump all over the lawyer’s assistant.  Normally when I jump on people, she yells at me and tells me to GET DOWN, but that morning she stood back and smiled as I jumped all over this woman, who Momma said, was wearing a really nice suit.

So, home we went and we had been spending some nice time together for the past three weeks.  She had been sending out her resume and went on some interviews, and then on Tuesday, three weeks to the day from being let go, she was offered a NEW JOB!  She said YES!

But I don’t get to go to work with her anymore.  So now I am going to have to prove to Momma and Pops that I can be a big girl and stay home.  Hahahahaha.  I am sure that I will leave them some little surprises along the way, but I know I CAN DO IT!

Momma starts her job TODAY, and since she won’t really have time to catch up with everyone the next couple of days, she says she will see you all over the weekend!  Please keep her in your thoughts today because she is really nervous and wants to do well.

Talk to you soon!

Assessing the Situation

As most of you know, I am privileged  to be able to bring Finn with to work everyday.  It’s wonderful therapy for not only me, but the rest of the office.  We go for some exercise in the morning, I bring squeaky toys and puzzle toys and treats in with me, we go for some shorter walks throughout the day.  Thing is, at some point throughout the day, she can be seen looking like this:
Don’t get me wrong, every day she can also be seen at some point like this:
But I get a little worried that she needs a little more stimulation throughout the week.  Any ideas?  I’ve been reading some articles on doggie boredom and activities you can do with them to keep them entertained, but they don’t keep these things in mind: we’re essentially indoors and in an old house, and you know, I’m at work, so I actually have to get work done during the day.  I’m just looking to switch it up a little…

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and since we do that practically every day, I thought I’d give Finn a chance to show you how good she has it!
A typical day for moi:
First we get up really early and head into Mommy’s workplace.  Sometimes I make it difficult to get going in the morning…
Then we drive in.  It’s early, I’m still a little sleepy…
Daddy drops us off before head heads out to where he’s working.  Then I get some chow….
Then Mommy either takes me for a walk or plays with me for a little bit before anyone else gets in.  Look at that fun golf cart – take me for a ride!
Then my friends arrive…they swing by all day long and pet me and play with me.
Then I beg for attention while Mommy’s working….
Then I take a nap in a very convenient place…
 When I wake up, Mommy takes me to the big kitchen so I can eat on some ice…
Yesterday she told me we CAN’T go outside in the afternoon because it was raining or something like that – can you see the rain pouring in the puddles behind me?  She let me out on the patio so I could splash a bit!
Then in the afternoon I usually play….so many toys to choose from here!
Sometimes Mommy gives me treats and I annoy her by playing with them instead of eating them.  It’s so much fun!
And then Daddy usually comes and we all go home together.  Today Mommy is working late and so she says we’ll be heading home later.  I hope she remembered to bring dinner!
Mommy says I don’t know how good I have it…what?  This doesn’t happen to all doggies every day?!