Finn’s Chompers

She makes me laugh for a couple of reasons…

– I have to hold the hoof-thing for her.
– While she is laying down in her night-time sleeping place
– And look at those chompers!

Oh, Finn!

The Underbite

When we first went to pick up Finn, we were told that we would never be able to show her because of her severe underbite.  Not that we had any intention of ever showing her, but I always remember the point the woman made about showing us her teeth.  We can see her underbite when she’s relaxing sometimes, and it just makes us giggle.
Nothing like Finn being Finn.  Love you girl!

Dental Wipes

We got a sampling of these in our goodie bag from the Doggie Social.

Ever try to use them?

Uh Oh.  This can’t be good.

Where is Dad right now?

I got as far away from you as I could lady.

Please tell me you aren’t my mother.

Didn’t go so well!