We’ve Got Mail!

OMD OMD OMD, Finnackles here. My boyfriend Wally and his bro Sammy are the bestest!  During the week, Pops signed for a package in the mail and guess who it was from? WALLY AND SAMMY!  *sigh*  I heart Wally.

Guess what in it?

TREATS!!!!  Momma tried her hardest to get a good picture of the treats, but somedog which will remain nameless kept photobombing the pictures!


We finally decided it would be best if we “sat” so she could take the darn picture and give us a treat!!!


OMD look at how intensely we are gazing at this thing! Verdict: DELICIOUS!

And, you know what else? Wally and Chuck’s Momma gave our Momma a little pressie too – an awesome canvas bag to put all of our treats in when she goes shopping! Again, somedog with the photobomb!


We love it all. Thank you Wally, Sammy, and Momma!!! Thank you so much!

Head On Over

When Mollie had her fundraising auction, we bid and won an article to be written about our favorite animal shelter.  So head on over to Long Life Cats and Dogs today to read about Kent Animal Shelter in Riverhead, NY.

For every original comment on that article, Momma will donate $1 (up to $100) to Kent.  So, let’s have fun, spend some of Momma’s money, and go read and comment!  (No need to comment here, unless you want to of course, but I’ll be counting comments over there!)

Finn & Charley Have BINGO

Friends, you have until Sunday to play your Park Day 2.0 BINGO!  Download your Bingo card here and make sure to add your Park Day 2.0 Post to the Linky Link at the bottom of the page.  There are some great prizes to be won and some exercise to be had!

So, off we go!  Here is the BINGO we decided to play:


Our tasks:

Visit a Park More Than 30 Minutes From Your House

We visited the Peconic Riverfront Pedestrian Walk in Riverhead, NY. This park is juuuuuust thirty minutes from our house. (Plus, we had to stop at the bank on the way there, so it took us over thirty minutes.)  Sadly, it does not have a sign!  This was the only sign I could find along the walkway.


Visit an Urban Park

This waterfront is part of a revitalization effort by Riverhead to improve the downtown area.  Grant funds were used to create the walkway, fund artisans to create some of the sculptures we are going to show you, and, and to improve parking in the downtown area.  It might not seem like much, but eastern Long Island is very much rural.  Riverhead sits at the point where the north and south forks meet and provides the eastern end of the island with construction industry, larger chains of restaurants, an aquarium, the entrance to the major expressway leading west to New York City, and a downtown shopping area.

Take a Walk in a Nature Preserve

We subbed this out for Find a Monument or Sculpture.  Check out the cool sculptures we found!  The river is lined with these carved sculptures.



And Charley found this cool sculpture where bikers can lock up their bikes!


Visit Your Nearest Body of Water

We went to the closest body of water in our previous Park Day 2.0 posts, so here are great pictures of the Peconic River at this walk.



Find Flowers

Finn found these flowers up in a tree!


So, there you have it! BINGO!  Don’t forget to join in!

Sneak Peak at the Pet Blogger Mall

Are you ready to shop ’til you drop?

Well today’s the day to get your

sneak peek logo

at the Pet Blogger Mall.


For today only you have a chance to see what all the excitement is about. All you need to get into the mall is our secret code for the day. What is the secret code you ask? When you click on the PBM Shop you will be asked to enter a password. The password for today is:


We bet you are wondering what you will find in the mall. There are items for your dog, your cat and you! There are books to read, toys to play with, and lots of custom items too. So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to the PBM Shops and start window or shop shopping!

Shoppers, we are hoping that you will thoroughly test out the PBM shopping experience – it’s navigational friendliness, item and shop rate and review systems (note – this is a test day so all ratings and reviews will be cleared prior to the Grand Opening), helpful content, etc. Please feel free to leave us your thoughts through our Suggestion FormContact Form, post comments, etc. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Thank you for participating in Sneak Peek Shopper Day!

Product Review: Kong Premium Treats

We were asked to review a sampling of Kong Premium Treats!  They are one of our Park Day 2.0 sponsors and some very lucky doggies may be winning some of these treats in June if they play.  Before I begin, I should tell you first that I was not compensated in any way for this review.  Finn and Charley got the treats, so they were over the moon to try them out!  These opinions are those of  me and me alone.

The first product we tried was the Drumstick Premium Dog Chew.  I chose this treat in particular because I am always in the market for treats which I think will last more than two seconds to eat.  I was not disappointed.  They don’t contain wheat, corn or soy, any animal bi-products or colorants.  And they are made right here is the USA.


I was so pleased that the dogs passed the dual sit test.  Regular followers of my blog know that this is complicated to achieve for any length of time, and here we have it.  Treats worth waiting for.


Charley tended to chomp off the chicken part of the treat and then attack the bone.


Finn was slightly more gentle at first, but then tried to just chomp off bite by bite of both meat and bone, and it took her a few extra minutes more of chew time by going this route.


Overall, I give these treats two thumbs up.  They were delicious, healthy, and big enough to take them both a bit of time to eat!

We then tried Retriever Rolls, 100% all natural beef hide.  These are also made in the USA.  I was first really impressed with the packaging.  Two eight-inch rolls come in one package, and the package is resealable, which is so smart.


Generally, when I give Finn a rawhide roll of this size, it is devoured within an hour perhaps?  She is a real pro.  This roll lasted her for well over three hours in three sittings.  And, when we sat down to eat dinner, there was no charge on the kitchen from Finn or Charley, not even when I dropped the tomato sauce on the kitchen floor!  So I know they thought they were delicious.


This was Charley’s first treat of this size, and given his delicate stomach and inexperience with the rolls, we let him munch on it for about thirty minutes.


I enjoyed knowing that there also did not contain harmful preservatives or colorants, and they help clean teeth and freshen breath too.  They also contain STAY-C, a patented protected bio-available form of Vitamin C.

Overall, we were very happy with our Kong Premium Treats experience, and I would recommend them to any dog, we swear on our eight paws!

Bringing the Kids to Work

I wish!  Since my commute involves a train ride, I don’t think my fellow passengers would appreciate my bringing two large dogs with me.  And I don’t know what their reaction would be to the subway scene either.  Buuuut, one day, I was missing them, and I decided to switch the background of my computer to pics of them, and I worked it so the slide show changes pictures every few hours!  I have about 15 pics or so in random rotation.

Nice!  You guys do anything like that or do I need a straight jacket?

2013-05-09 09.59.03

2013-05-09 10.59.36

2013-05-10 08.45.37

Finn Goes Geocaching!

Since my buddy Gizmo is the geocaching KING and we have a Bingo slot on geocaching, I thought I would take my girl out one day.  I hadn’t been geocaching in about four years, and it was my first time then.  I had visited a friend from high school who lived in Michigan.  We went to the geocaching website and printed out maybe ten caches I could find while I was visiting with her.  I remember she had me all over the place – downtown Detroit, crossing the border into Canada, visiting a park.  It was a lot of fun.

So, here we go.  I have my dog, I have my Bingo push, I head on over to the website and think to myself, “I don’t want to print out a ton of stuff.  There has got to be an App for this.”  Wouldn’t you know it?  There’s an App for that.  There’s a full version for $9.99 or a free version to get you started.  I downloaded the free one.


It finds your location and gives you the three closest caches, as the crow flies.


I get Finn into the car, and off we go. The App creates a map showing your location and where you need to go.  When you get closer, you can turn on a compass which should bring you right to the spot.  The first cache I tried to find is like down this road I had never been on, into the woods, bringing us past hunting sign after hunting sign. I decide it’s not a good idea to go find this one, and I opt to find another one.

Number 2 was hid by a 73 year old on her birthday. I think this is my speed. That is, until we get closer and I realize that I have to bring Finn through some serious brush in order to find it.  Uh, no thanks.


Well, wouldn’t you know it, third time is the charm. The next one is on the edge of a lake nearby.  When I got close to it, I turned on my hint, which said “under the log.”  There it is.  I signed my name with the date and time, left a pressie for the next person to find it, and off we went.


Oh, and here’s Finn in front of said log.  I let her get a sniff of the cache off-camera.  You know how these divas can be.


And there you have it! I’m not sure how many caches the free App will let you find, but if you want to try it out once or twice, I would say it is definitely worth it. AND, you get a BINGO spot *wink* *wink*

Park Day 2.0 Reminder!

Blogville, do not forget to click on my Bingo Card page of my blog and download a card of your choice to play Park Day 2.0! There are many many prizes to be won!

“How do you play?” you are asking. EXCELLENT QUESTION.

Download a card. I have them on my Park Day page as does Gizmo. Post a blog that shows your Bingo card, which Bingo you have completed (One row horizontally, diagonally, or vertically), and the photos of you completing the squares! Then click on the linky link below to add your link. You can enter as many times as you would like with different Bingo Cards and Bingos won.

“Why would I do this?” you are asking. EXCELLENT QUESTION.

To get your peeps off the couch. Smell the fresh air. Go for a walk. Oh, and to be entered into a random raffle for prizes! YES, PRIZES!

Our sponsors are Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Functional TreatsKONG Premium Treats and Deidre’s K9 Naturals. They’ve put together some pawsome prize packages and Finn and I will be telling you about their products and the prize packages throughout the month.

We’ve got a great doggie  life jacket donated by Pet Doors U.S.A. and a Kyjen Paw Flapper puzzle toy donated by Gizmo and there may be more…


See look, this is Charley at a Park (Bingo Square=Take a walk in a nature preserve)!  Even he can do it!!



This is the Linky Link thing that you enter to join in! You can’t just make the post, you have to enter the Linky!

Powered by Linky Tools

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…

And on Thursday, I am going to show you Finn’s little geocaching adventure….that’s one of our squares!

Good Ole Fashioned Fetch

2013-05-01 18.42.48
2013-05-01 18.43.20

2013-05-01 18.43.27

Simple pleasures.

AND, we’d like to thank our new friend Nikita for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award!!  I think this award looks pretty awesome.  We haven’t been real good about keeping up with our awards lately, we apologize for that!


Am I a Creep?

Just went for a walk outside at work.  I noticed that I tend to smile at dogs when they are being walked past me.  And not all dogs, mainly golden retrievers and labs, bigger dogs.  And really there are times when I think the dogs are looking up at me, smiling.

So, am I a creep?  For smiling?  For 2-5 seconds as another golden retriever walks past me as I am meandering down the streets on my way to pick up lunch?  Do you smile at other dogs that look like yours?

This is what I am pondering.  Life’s big mysteries.  There is much wrong with me….

Have a great weekend folks!

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