Marketplace Monday – Teddy & Stanley’s Tall Tale: A Bedtime Story for Dogs

Oh man, this is a good one.  I saw this post last week on The Daily Golden.

This book was released before a holiday in the UK, designed to be read to dogs to help soothe them.  You are supposed to read the book to your dog in a calm manner, as if you are speaking to a two year old.  According to a dog behaviorist, dogs understand certain sounds are supposed to be soothing, and to ensure that this book would work, they used scientific evidence based on the research of canine hearing and minds.

You can find actor Simon Callow reading the book here.  I have to say, I played it over and over for Finn one evening, and she seemed to enjoy it.

Why not play it for your pooch?  I bet he or she will love it.

Now, today is Momma’s first day back at work in two weeks!  She’ll be a little busy catching up there for a few days, but no worries, the Finn will still be around 🙂

The Dog Who Danced

Once again, I found myself reading a dog-related book on my commute.  I enjoyed this book – a story about a woman who is separated from her dog on a cross-country excursion, and the couple who finds him.  The woman goes to lengths to find him, while re-living her journey which made her the dog lover she is today.  The couple, suffering from an unimaginable recent loss, finds their pain being eased and their lives once more bearable because of their love for their new friend.

This book is not sad, it did not make me cry, and a random stranger on my commute did not have to give me a tissue like the last time.  It was slightly predictable.  Did it pass my time on the train?  Sure.  Was it an easy read?  Yes.  Did I learn something about Shelties?  Of course.  Would I recommend it to any of you?  Only if you happen to see it and know you need something to kill a few hours of your day.  I enjoyed it, but I did not love it.

The main thing I want to say about this book though is that the dog kind of forgets his previous owner over time, a month perhaps, if that.  He remembers there is someone else he is looking for and somewhere else he is supposed to be, but he can’t remember what specifically.  I recognize this book is a work of fiction, but this concept, upon some minor reflection, made me unbelievably upset, and I wondered if when I left Finn for a couple of weeks when I went on vacation, she forgot to remember me too.  What do you think about that?

A Dog’s Journey

I have a lot of time to read in my commute.  I usually run into the library on weekends and grab a couple of books off the New Releases shelf and that will tide me over for a week.  So one day, I noticed this book was in my pile to read, and I will thrilled!  

A Dog’s Journey was a wonderful read.  It is the story about a dog, who is re-incarnated several times, trying to find the purpose of his lives, and understanding that it is his role to care for a woman, CJ.  The dog meets CJ as a baby, a teenager, a young woman, and then as a older daughter caring for her sick mother, and each time she has an increasing and desperate need to be unconditionally loved, as only a dog can do.  It isn’t until their final meeting where the dog knows he has done his job of caring for, protecting, loving, and being a true companion to CJ, and other people he has run into along the way.
I have to tell you, I laughed at times, I full on sobbed at times (in a packed train during rush hour with tears streaming down my face) and I smiled at times knowing that our dogs pick us, and what a wonderful idea it is that they may be looking out for us over and over again through their own path.
A great book – as long as you don’t mind accepting a tissue from the man next to you on the train (yes!).  Well worth reading.

And Finn enjoys the extra hugs I give her now after I read it too.