Office Terror


Well, it’s a nice beautiful long weekend here and like many other folks, we spent a good part of the day getting our yard straightened up.  I was making dinner inside, and I heard a little commotion outside.  I found this . . .

I am trying to find the positive in this – good balance?  At least she sat?  The fur is beginning to grow back where she had her IV from the spaying?  Help me out!

Peeps on Parade

My Peeps!
Hewwwwoww!  Finn here.  Mom decided that we’re participating in the Memorial Day Peeps on Parade event, sponsored by our friend Sarge.  This is my favorite of the peeps, Dad!  Dad owns his own painting company, and always says that no matter what kind of day he’s had, I am always there for him.  When he walks in through the door, he gets down on his knees, and I come over and give him a big hug.  Mom is convinced that I like Dad best because Dad’s always down to PLAY!  Here we are playing tug-o-war in the front yard.  I can get some good air when he flings me around! 

I know, I know, mom says no chewing on the leash, but it is soooo much fun.  Mom’s the one behind all the pictures.  She works in an arts-based non-profit, whatever that means.  She likes to take me for long, long walks.  And I love it, but then she’s always asking me to sit, heel, speak, come, stay.  Whatever lady, just give me a treat!  And stop taking pictures – you’re blinding me!
I’m just kidding, I love Mom too, she takes me to work almost every day.  These are my peeps!

Talk About Sleep!

The perfect excuse to put my feet up!

It’s Sleepy Time…

I don’t have any photographs to illustrate my point, but I have a question I could use some advice on…

Finn usually starts to doze off at about 7pm (we’re up at 5am for work, so I figure this is alright).  She’ll fall asleep first under the stairs or under the dining room table, then after twenty to thirty minutes, she’ll get up and move into the crate we have for her in the kitchen.  Then after another twenty minutes, she’ll come over and put her head on the couch to come up and sit there, (we allow her to sit on one of the cushions on the couch which has her blanket on it) and then she’ll jump down and fall asleep at our feet by the couch.  When it’s bed time for us humans, she follows us upstairs to her bed in our bedroom, so she’s changing into five different positions!

This happens every night.

I’ve been trying to read about dog’s sleeping habits, but I haven’t found anything on this kind of moving back and forth.  Is this normal?  Advice?  Just let the sleeping dog lie?

Finn’s First Road Trip

This weekend, Mom & Dad

were invited to a wedding in Lake George!
Since the happy couple 
knew a lot of doggie owners would be coming, they blocked off a set of rooms at O’Sullivan’s on the Lake.  We were able to rent a cabin lakeside, and Finn definitely enjoyed herself
despite not being allowed in the lake!
The next day, Mommy had a work meeting in Salem, NY, so the family joined her.  We stayed at the beautiful Hopkins House Farm.  
Salem isn’t a bustling town by any means
but Finn definitely enjoyed herself again, being the lady of the manor!
There were some other friends staying there
but this is as close as our little Finn made it to them:
I’d say she was a little scared to say the least!
Or maybe she just likes lying down in confined spaces!  Hope that everyone had a great weekend as well!

Daddy’s Little Girl

This is what happens when Daddy goes outside and Finn discovers he is no longer in the house.  (Side note – it really doesn’t seem to matter that Mommy is still in the house, but whatever, I digress…)

1.  Finn discovers Daddy is missing and takes a look to see where is he…

Hmmm…Dad is outside cleaning the work van…
2.  Then Finn taps and cries at the door until Mommy brings her out…

I want to PLAY!!!!  Someone play with me!!!

 3.  Then playtime begins…

4.  Then Mommy brings Finn back inside so she can zonk out…until Daddy comes back inside and then Round 2 of playtime begins!  She’s definitely Daddy’s little girl!

April Showers Bring…


Took Finn for a little walk yesterday morning before work.  So much to sniff!

Enjoying the View


Thank you to everyone who thought about us yesterday!  I loved your kind words.  Finn is doing great…well…as great as can be.  I imagine we will be doing a lot of this the next couple of days…

Have a great week!

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