Hewwwow!  Finnackles here.  Wanting to let you know we have made it through Day 1 of the storm and we have lived to tell about it.  I am sure you are waiting to see what my peeps had in store for me.  Boy, were they ready to keep me entertained, no matter what.

Sunday night called for some high winds!  But Momma had to work an event at her part-time job.  So Pops drove her so she wouldn’t have to go by herself in the wind and rain.  (Awwwww.)  And, of course, I joined them.

Here we are! Looks spooky, right? It’s really a house from the 1830s which has been turned into an art gallery. The last time I was here you asked me to show you some of the artwork.  So here I am in front of a nice piece that will be hung later this month.

So pretty. Then Momma opened up a bottle of something when we got home. Pops said it was named after either her or me. Not sure what he means!

Monday morning I was a little bit unsettled. Momma tried to take me for a walk, but it was so windy and it was starting to rain, so we just ventured out a block or two.

So we came back inside and worked on some tricks. I know this picture is really blurry, but Momma is having me weave through her legs! That’s her kicking up her leg and moving it to the front.  She saw this over at Kirsten’s blog and thought we could do that.  Apparently, my Momma’s photographer isn’t as good as Kirsten’s.  He’s fired.  But I did good!!!  I can weave through her legs – we used some Liver Biscotti treats we got at the Halloween party this weekend!

Anyways, we snuggled, we wuggled, we played with my toys, we slept, and from time to time, we went outside to look at the trees and see how things were doing in my neck of the woods. Momma said this is a down tree, but I think it’s a big stick. What do you think Goose?

Monday afternoon we got an email saying that our friend Suka crossed the rainbow bridge. And Momma came over and held me so tight and we laid on the couch for a while. We are so sad. We will miss our friend, but we know Suka is in a better place without any pain.  At night, Momma lit a candle.  I had never been around a candle before.  She said she wanted to have it lit in case the power went out and to light it for Suka too.

Our overnight calls for more wind and some more flooding.  We are lucky that even though we live on an island, we aren’t really near any water so we did not have to evacuate.  We hope tomorrow brings a quick end to this storm for us (even though I kinda like having both of my peeps home with me)!


Well, it’s a weak one, but she’s definitely here!

5:30 – Finn needs to go out!  Momma’s thinking, “Are you kidding me?!?!”
If you look closely, you can see her, the big golden blur in the middle of the lawn.
7:30 – just tons of rain, tons and tons of rain…
And at 8am, we’re still wet from our walk two hours ago
and we’re heading back to bed for some more snuggling.
9am – Who was I kidding?  She knows it’s raining and she loves it out there.
Hope everyone else is weathering through okay!

Storm is Coming!

…or is it the early morning haze?  7am here…

8am and all the lawn furniture is secure.  Finn takes a sniff around…
10am – where is everyone?!?  I want to play!  It’s just a little rain…

No sign of the froggie in the backyard, thank goodness!
3pm:  After an afternoon of napping and waiting, the rain is here!  See you on the other side!