Train Station Pick-Up

Yesterday was my first official day back at work, but instead of heading into the office, I did some research at the very awesome Brooklyn Museum.  
But this meant I had to take the dreaded train and subway!  Luckily, I managed a drop-off and pick-up at the train station and I could spot the golden fur from the train before we stopped.  Is there a better way to be greeted?

I think I am forgiven for leaving her behind for a little bit.  What a cutie.
PS – anyone else having a problem with their dashboard?  I am posting, but it takes blogger up to 12 hours to put it on the dashboard thingermabobber.  I have no idea why.  


Well, my husband warned me that it would be coming – – – The hair.  The shedding.  The dust balls.  And here we are.  I admit it, I let Finn sit in the back seat of my car without even thinking about the fact that I had black seats.  I saw the seats every time I put her in there, but this abundance of fur seem to explode out of nowhere.  One day I was in the front passenger seat and turned around and saw it all – WHAMMO!  I even noticed hair on the back of the front seats from when she tried to climb from the back to front.

I’ve been reading up on this, and it seems some goldens don’t tend to shed when they are puppies, or, in particular, during their first year.  We’re just lucky I suppose!

Holy cow!  We need to get the vacuum out!

The culprit.  She watched me take the picture of the car
seat and is guilty!