Flush Puppies – Product Review

Well, I was tickled pink when I found out we actually won something on a blog give-away!  As reported earlier in the week, Finn won biodegradable Flush Puppies – little baggies you can flush down the toilet after she’s finished doing her business.

We’ve been using them this week.  I do feel like I am doing something good for mankind and Mother Earth by using them; they are a great alternative to what I was using (plastic bags – don’t judge!) but I have to say to the Flush Puppy people, if you are out there in the blog universe – – 
I have a golden retriever.  She eats a lot.  She poops a lot at once.  The baggies are a little too small for me to open my hand big enough to pick up her business.  I checked out the packaging – is it meant for smaller dogs?  There wasn’t a size indication on the packaging, but maybe there should be different size baggies for different sized dogs.  We’re just saying…
As an aside, Finn’s been to work with me every day this week and there has been no munching on my books!  Give Finn a round of applause!!  And have a great holiday weekend folks!