Christmas in July -Finn’s Swap

Do you know the folks at the 3M Bakery?  I hope after reading this post you go on over and say hello.  Their doggies are Matilda, Mac and Maesie.  Well, Mac and Maesie had partners in our Christmas in July swap from their neck of the woods, but Matilda did not.  So Matilda’s peeps thought it would be a nice idea if she partnered with someone, anywhere in the world, who would be willing to buy $20 worth of needed goods and bring them to an animal shelter in their area, and they would do the same.

We wanted to partner with Matilda when we heard this idea.  We knew we would be buying items for the Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton, NY.  We checked out their page of items they would like donated and off we went to the pet store.  I brought Finn with me.  You see what she wanted to buy. Poor gal is always hungry. I swear we feed her!


But in actuality we bought these:


I went to the shelter on Saturday.


And made a new friend Louie. I think Louie and his other dog buddies will enjoy their new toys!  And that’s our swap for Finn; thank you to Matilda’s peeps for a really great idea on the swap!


Psychological Games

We thought we would run a psychological experiment and see what response we would elicit by putting all of Finn’s toys up on the coffee table like this.

And this is what we got:

Joke’s on us.

Gift Bag!

My box arrived from Sweet William the Scot from winning his Name that Song game!  I would like to thank him for hosting such a cool game!  I had a lot of fun playing!

Here we are – such a good Stay!

A rope toy!!  I love it!!

A little treat for each of us!

And a close up of our Blue Diamond bag.  Just lovely!

Thank you again, thank you again!  I love it all!!

And, we want to take a moment to pray for those who innocently lost
their lives eleven years ago today.  We will not forget. 

August Barkbox!

Our August Barkbox arrived!!!
Someone was very excited about this slingshot toy!

We got some tasty treats and body spray too!

Right, like I said, this is supposed to be a slingshot toy.

We’ll see if she’ll let us play with it like that any time soon!
Two months of Barkbox, and we are nothing but pleased!


This is Finn speak for “Give me the Bobble”
(…since it is filled with treats)
We say she learned this out of The Golden Handbook.
You guys have things you do out of your handbook?

Treat Pods

…A Silent Learning Toy…
(as the package says)
I gave this toy two VERY BIG thumbs up at first!
You hide a treat in between those plastic pods
(they slide over so you can squeeze one in).

And then the dog has to push them apart to take the treat out.

It kept her occupied for over an hour!  
Over and over and over again.
And then, one night, we noticed Finn was playing with this toy for an extremely long time.
She chewed through the knot and separated all the pods out so she could get in between them a little better.  

And now we give this toy two thumbs down!
Now, don’t forget to start taking pics of your athletes for all the upcoming games, and remember to include a picture of them in the sitting position (or, if you can’t sit, like the crabs, then you know, just get their picture taken!) for the Closing Ceremony too.  You can start sending your pictures on July 9th.  Send your closing ceremony pic to marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com

The Babble Ball

A couple of weeks ago, I bought the Babble Ball.

This picture was taken after Finn had her paws on it for like 5 minutes.

Piece of crap.  We even had it in a sock for some added protection.  Don’t get me wrong, Finn loved it, but it’s definitely not appropriate for dogs who actually, you know, want to play with it.  We did superglue it back together, but now I am wondering how we will ever get it open if we want to change the batteries.

And FYI, this ball was the “large” size.  You see my car key there for comparison.  Stay away fellow doggie toy shoppers, stay away.

Now, I want to thank everyone who responded to my post yesterday!  We have donations from the folks at CANIDAE and Max because of it!  Thank you!

Momma’s New Toy

Momma got a new toy!  Momma’s aunt moved and so she inherited this!  How cool!  I sniffed and sniffed and Momma thought it was just so cute how I was investigating the new piece.

She was completely missing that, ahem, my favorite fetch toy was TRAPPED!

Humans, sheesh!

Simple Pleasures

Is that a smile I see???


Before we get started today, I would like to thank Stewey Unscene for my award!  Thank you.  We love seeing what Stewey is wearing and we are jealous of his very hip outfits.  
We have gotten the award four times!!  We are so honored that other doggie bloggies enjoy reading about our outings!
On to the post!  One day, I was taking pictures of Finn playing with a new toy

And I realized that Finn only plays with her toys down on our first floor.  I thought I would do a little experiment.  I took one of Finn’s favorite toys and brought it upstairs and made it known that I would be spending a little time up there…turned on some lights, turned on the upstairs tv, that kind of thing.

I waited to see what would happen….

She came up, got the toy, and brought it back downstairs.

Ever wonder what they are thinking???

It’s not like I ever reprimanded her for playing upstairs…

Oh Finn…

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