Today, we took a ride out to Montauk, affectionately called “The End” – – 
Map courtesy of

It was so nice – cooler weather, ocean breezes…

Sniffing around in the rocks, trying to eat the seaweed…

She looks like she’s had the best day ever, no?

Finn’s First Road Trip

This weekend, Mom & Dad

were invited to a wedding in Lake George!
Since the happy couple 
knew a lot of doggie owners would be coming, they blocked off a set of rooms at O’Sullivan’s on the Lake.  We were able to rent a cabin lakeside, and Finn definitely enjoyed herself
despite not being allowed in the lake!
The next day, Mommy had a work meeting in Salem, NY, so the family joined her.  We stayed at the beautiful Hopkins House Farm.  
Salem isn’t a bustling town by any means
but Finn definitely enjoyed herself again, being the lady of the manor!
There were some other friends staying there
but this is as close as our little Finn made it to them:
I’d say she was a little scared to say the least!
Or maybe she just likes lying down in confined spaces!  Hope that everyone had a great weekend as well!