To all of my new followers, welcome, welcome!  Hope you’re all enjoying my adventures with Finn.

I love taking pictures of my girl, but sometimes, the camera isn’t ready, and I’d just like to enjoy the moment with her without trying to capture it.  I’ve noticed some things about her, which just make me chuckle…

Finn is always looking at what’s over her head.  If she hears a plane, she’ll look up at the sky, have a seat, and just watch it pass us by.

Finn’s a scaredy-cat.  The little-ist thing makes her jump.  We live near the woods, and sometimes we hear shots, and Finn will jump and just run all the way back home.  Once, she looked up and saw a portable basketball hoop.  It scared her and she ran away form that too.

Finn loves little people.  We wonder if it is because she thinks they are closer to her size.  She will play with anyone who is in the three foot height range.

Since we have been home from our vacation in September, Finn has been a little angel when she’s been left alone.  She hasn’t munched on our carpets at home and she is no longer the office terror.  I used to have to time taking her out to do her business in between my meetings at work, and now I know she can hold it for long periods of time.  We have been able to leave her alone in the house for 7 hours without any destruction!  She’s learning!

Finn hates when we eat at the table and she cannot survey our meals.  She walks around the table and tries to get a good angle to see what we are eating.  She also knows when the microwave goes off or I start cooking on the stove that there may be a chance she’ll get a scrap, and she’ll lay on the kitchen floor waiting for the moment that I drop or drip something.

Finn sighs.  Finn sighs at moments when a human would sigh to show displeasure.  Finn has sighed when she has learned we aren’t going out to play, when she’s been told to be quiet, when she understands that she isn’t getting any of momma’s and pop’s dinner.

Finn loves cartoons.  And seeing dogs on tv.  Know that scene in Sex and the City when Charlotte shows her dog, Elizabeth Taylor, and wins the prize?  She then takes the dog to the dog park and the poor thing gets pregnant there.  Finn hopped down off the couch and stared at the tv screen when that whole scene was happening.  Her tail was wagging and I think she thought she was at the dog park with them.  We wonder what she thinks the tv is.

On days when we stay home, Finn will sit outside whatever room I am in to remind me that it is time to take her for her morning walk.  And when I go to the door and get my shoes on and click that leash on her, she is ready for our next adventure together.  She’s a great friend.