Dog oh dog, we couldn’t believe our little wagging tails when Momma told us that GRANDMA would be coming for a visit!!  We LOOOOVE her but for some reason, she always keeps asking Momma about non-furry grandbabies.  We don’t understand why.

Grandma always brings us the best treats and this time around, Momma enlisted her help in giving us a walk.  We are really impressed.  See, even though we jump on her and give her lots of licks and kisses and don’t leave her alone when she’s here, she just doesn’t seem to want to, you know, play with us.  So we were super stoked Grandma jumped in this time around.  Love you Grandma, see you next time.  Licks – Finnie and Charley


Way to go Ma, I am really proud of you.  And thank you for helping me walk Charley. Love, Marianne

What, There Was An Earthquake?

We were too busy to notice!  A visit from Grandma at lunchtime kept us occupied!  Look who is becoming a Finn fan!

We did feel a little shakin’ at 1:55pm but it was smooth sailing afterwards!

In Finn and Other Unrelated News

Well, you all know that Grandma made a special appearance the other day…well, today is her birthday and to celebrate, I invited some of her friends and family to join us for high tea yesterday.  We had a really nice time! 
This also meant that we had to leave Finn home for a nice chunk of the day, and lately I feel that she has been acting out a little bit when we leave her alone, so we have been practicing a new routine for when we do leave her – a special toy gets left that we pick up the instant we get home.  I had been practicing it for shorter amounts of time, and this was the first time we did for a long amount of time, and everything seemed ok when we got back, so way to go girl!  (I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this trick, because if it does continue to work, I will be so thrilled!)
Today I took her to get groomed.  Not my mother, Finn of course!  I can’t tell if she’s happy to be clean, happy to be back home, or just panting from the car ride, but I have to say that I am SO HAPPY with the place we went to.  Really great service and super nice people.  We’re off to a great start of the weekend!

Look Who Came for a Visit!

She’s not a fan of the canine group, but she made an exception today for 
her grand-dog.  She even brought us a rawhide bone treat.  
Nice work momma!  
We love you very much!!