Finn v Boot

Finn 1, Boot 0

My Green Shoe

I posted this great picture of Finn with her new toy – the green shoe – in my previous post and someone had a question about it.  It’s actually just a piece of rubber in the shape of a shoe with a rope attached through it.  It came in either green or orange.  I purchased this toy on Saturday and she’s pretty much made her way through the entire rope.  Nice and quick work.

I bought this thing because Finn’s been known to be found like this – she will actually pull the sole out of the shoes and shaking the rubber around!  

Aw, so precious.  At the same time, I bought this little squeaker too.  It makes a quacking sound when the head gets pulled from the body.  She’ll pull it, the noise will be made, and the she’ll jump back.  Oh Finn!
Don’t be forgetting to send in your flower pics!  Look, so pretty!  
I’m just kidding, I promise more beautiful pictures than that!  
And check out Sarge’s list for all of the party details!
Happy Friday folks!

Daddy’s Shoes

Even dogs know when they are doing something a little naughty.  We’re not afraid to say say “no” to Finn, and she definitely knows that Mommy’s and Daddy’s shoes are off-limits.  But there’s something about the way she grabbed one of Daddy’s slippers that made us laugh so hard the afternoon she did this.  She had gotten it from our bedroom upstairs and just walked around so proudly with it.  She had no qualms walking right in front of us.  I love her little strut and the way she’s showing off how she can go up and down stairs too.

Nothing wrong with breaking the rules every once in a while!