Therrible Threes!

Dudes…Chuck here.  Turned three on Friday.  I told Momma and Pops not to worry, I would no longer be in the terrible twos…I would now be in the therrible threes.

Turning three

Pops said take a picture.  I gave him a kissie.

Toy for Chuck

Momma gave me a new toy.  I immediately chewed a hole in it.

Toy for Finn

Momma gave Finn a new toy.  I took it and immediately chewed a hole in it.

Three is awesome!

Bacon’s Show and Tell – The Gift That Made Me Laugh

We are back for Bacon’s Show and Tell!  Last month we were invited to share a gift we hated.  You’ll remember my adventures of the suspension bridge here.  Well, this month, we are invited to share a gift that made us laugh.  Here’s mine!

I was given this lovely flower mirror as a gift from my husband when we went to a craft fair.  I asked for one of those wreaths that you hang on your door in different seasons.  I received this instead.  Not trying to sound unappreciative, but ladies, you know how it goes.

Why did it make me laugh?  Well, seriously folks, have you ever seen a more hideous mirror in your life??

MIrror 2

I attempted it to make it my own!  Also hilarious because my husband is a professional painter…yet I am doing the painting here…

Mirror 3

I worked on it for a long time.  Could my nose get any closer to it?

Mirror 4

And here is the final product!  It hangs in my bedroom and I make to look in it every day.  Just makes me laugh every time I see it knowing how much work I put into it and how it came to be mine.

Mail Call!!

Last month, we correctly guessed that Harlow and her Momma would be spending their summer in Grand Teton National Park!  And boy oh boy, did that guess pay off!  Her Momma sent us the bestest package in the mail!

There was stuffs from Harlow’s Momma to our Momma…

Treats just for us…



Thank you Harlow!  Enjoy your summer.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of fur kids out there!  Look at what we got ours-art imitates life we would say… 


Dog Dayz!

I have been inspired.  And I get to run the show.  Two very scary things.

So, I have decided to host a Dog Day at my historical society in October.  This idea came to me about a day after I was hired.  I was coming back to Blogville, I had a realization over this winter that without Finn & Chuck, I would be nothing, and I thought this would be a good way to introduce a new, perhaps younger, audience to our place.

I have my ducks in a row.  As this post is being published, I am meeting with my staff to get all of our ducks in a row.  I have backing of my board, the pet store in town, some other folks who think I am half-crazy/half-genius….

I need your help.  I need to contact some of the folks who would be able to back me….we’ve used them for Blogville give-aways, contests, all around name-dropping in our posts.  Please send them my way…or email me their contact information…I would love have the chance to talk to them.    marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com  It’s an opportunity for them to get their products in front of a nice town of people, and to give back to a good cause.  I need raffle prizes, speakers from the NYC area, and you know, sponsorship.  Thanks in advance for any help!

Puppy kisses,

Finn’s Momma

Me and My Girl


She makes paperwork fun!

Take Momma to Work Day, Part 2

Hewwwwwow!  Finnie here to tell you about the pawesome day I had yesterday taking Momma to work.  That’s right, you read it, I got to take Momma in!  First, we stopped off at an old building so she could pick up some paperwork.  This house was built in 1819!

Then we headed off to her office place.  I too met the pony.  I ignored him, we ate some grass together, it’s all good.


Then, something very very strange happened.  A lot of people started showing up.  Dressed kinda funny.  They started playing a game…


Momma said they were playing baseball by the rules from 1864.  Underhand pitching, no gloves, and an out on one bounce!  I got to keep score…


Play with some of the boys…

baseball player

And meet some other doggies too!

dog central

And, Pops and Charley showed up AND grandma and grandpa did too!!

grandma grandpa

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!  When can I go back??

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