Wow, so many slurps to choose from!  Go get yourself one or two!
Thank you for all of your concern this weekend.  We are enjoying the sunshine today!


Well, it’s a weak one, but she’s definitely here!

5:30 – Finn needs to go out!  Momma’s thinking, “Are you kidding me?!?!”
If you look closely, you can see her, the big golden blur in the middle of the lawn.
7:30 – just tons of rain, tons and tons of rain…
And at 8am, we’re still wet from our walk two hours ago
and we’re heading back to bed for some more snuggling.
9am – Who was I kidding?  She knows it’s raining and she loves it out there.
Hope everyone else is weathering through okay!

Storm is Coming!

…or is it the early morning haze?  7am here…

8am and all the lawn furniture is secure.  Finn takes a sniff around…
10am – where is everyone?!?  I want to play!  It’s just a little rain…

No sign of the froggie in the backyard, thank goodness!
3pm:  After an afternoon of napping and waiting, the rain is here!  See you on the other side!

Dahlias, Camellias, and Rhodies, Oh My!

Last call for flower pics!  Get them in to Momma at 
marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com before Sunday!

And this is what we call hurricane prep:

What, There Was An Earthquake?

We were too busy to notice!  A visit from Grandma at lunchtime kept us occupied!  Look who is becoming a Finn fan!

We did feel a little shakin’ at 1:55pm but it was smooth sailing afterwards!

Failed Photos

I admit, when I am planning a blog post, I take a ton of pictures.  Who am I kidding, I take a ton of pictures all the time.  Sometimes, they are pretty awesome, and sometimes, they are an epic fail.

Too dark

Eyes closed

Too blurry

Not looking at me


Subject too far away
What do you do with your failed photos?   Sometimes I just delete them, but sometimes they get saved, because they are just part of the bigger moment.
Here’s the rest of the set from the first one, too dark – 

I think she’s cute even when she’s blurry, dark and not paying attention, no?  These pictures are from our first day at home together, how could I delete any of those!
***Subliminal message***
Just a few days left – send them on in to marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com
PS-I still haven’t seen the frog hopping around anywhere and I am CONVINCED it’s still in the umbrella.  Did you see his sticky finger-thingamabobers?!  Gross!

In News Unrelated to Finn, But Still Involving Animals

I was contenting watching tv yesterday when I was summoned to the backyard.  At first I thought maybe something happened to Finn, so I made sure to get myself out there.  I soon discovered this.

Looks normal, right?  I was promised dinner outside last night, and so I noticed the umbrella was in the table, cleaning up of the area was happening.  All seemed right with the world.

Take a closer look.

Screams!  Why did I have to see this??  Why, why?  And then this.  
The darn thing moved.  Fast.
And it hopped right into the crease inside the fabric and we didn’t see it come out.
I have a frog living in my umbrella.
We ate dinner in the dining room last night.

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