I love how big her smile is! (You’ll have to click to magnify it). ¬†It makes ME smile!

2013-03-16 19.07.45

Have a great weekend!

Tickle Time!

As you know, we are expected to be hit by the treacherous Hurricane Sandy the next few days. So, we may not be around for a while, but we have some posts to keep you entertained of course!

Tickle War!

I don’t think Finn minds losing this one!

It’s World SMILE Day

Happy Bark Day Sugar!


Here’s smiling to you!  We hope you have a great day full of special treats and love!!

Smile, Part 2

Well, I must have been talking about trying to get Finn to smile on command pretty often, because one of my volunteers bought me a copy of 97 Ways to Make a Dog Smile.  I decided to give it a try one night.  (I apologize for some of these blurry pictures, but a moving animal put my photo-taking skills to the test!)
#55 – Top Notch Massage – basically rub the bump on the doggie’s head…
Partial smile achieved!
#79 – I’ve Got Your Nose – grab the muzzle (gently of course) and make a little popping sound as you move away…

 First try – Finn thinks, “What is Mommy doing?”
Second try – Finn thinks, “Hmm, Mommy’s hand looks like dinner for tonight…”
“What are doing to me?”

Third try, Finn is running away from me…

Number 96- Patty-Cakes – really more of a hand-over-paw game … 

No reaction.

I’d say the camera was distracting her a bit, but she’s clearly not even looking at me or the camera.
So, in the end, what made Finnie the most happy???
She loves that bully stick!  She can go through an 18-incher in a day!  Maybe I should focus less on making her smile on command and just trying to make the puppy happy!


I’ve been trying to get Finnie to smile for me!  We went for a walk this morning and I got some of these I-am-extremely-happy-to-be-walking-with-you-right-now photos….

…or these half-lip shots.  I refer to this look as the “Elvis look” and I then I start to sing “I’m All Shook Up.”  Poor dog is probably very confused.
my personal favorite so far!

Is the command “smile” trainable?  I’ve been trying to say the word and move the lips up and reinforce with the treats, but I am wondering if this is a worth-while cause?