The Brother

It’s official.  He’s coming home on Saturday.

photo (5)

Meet Charley.


Momma says we are gonna be best friends.


She says that maybe it would be nice if we let him make some other Blogville friends and let him be in the blog too.

Yeah, right.

Next thing you know, she’ll want me sharing my treats and toys with this goofball too!

Director of Parks and Recreation Here

Hewwwow Blogville.  Your Director of Parks & Recreation here, wanting you to head on over to Madame Mayoress’s blog where you can find…an interview with me!  Hope you enjoy it!


Damn, I am cute! And, for your related pleasure, sitting in the dog park I mention in the interview!

Best Seat in the House

It’s a little dark, but I hope you can see it – she’s snuggled in between my legs. And completely un-interested in her pillow right in front of her. *Sigh*

2013-02-18 16.33.47

Now That’s a Disposition Money Can’t Buy



I wanted to get out a bit on Monday, and I decided we were going for a walk.  I tried a few parks in the neighborhood, but they were all still buried in snow, so I decided to walk the road into and out of the local campground.  I parked alongside the road, near another car.  Finn just wanted to climb up on the snow piles, which was fine by me, so wound up staying relatively close to the cars.  When the man in the other car was ready to leave, he rolled down his window and let Finn come over for a sniff.  He told me about his golden who he had for 13 years.  After rubbing Finn’s head for a little bit, he looked straight at me and said, “She’s better than mine was.  Now that’s a disposition money can’t buy.  Enjoy your time together.”  Needless to say, I let Finn climb a little extra longer than I had planned on after he said that.


Fellow citizens of Blogville, I need to inform you of the recent betrayal that I experienced.

At the hands of my peeps.

Yes, that’s right.  Over the weekend, they LEFT ME at home while they went to a nearby shelter to DROP OFF a DONATION.  Likely story.  They came home smelling, and I mean DRIPPING IN SCENT of dogs.  One dog in particular though was all over them, their clothes, their coats, their hands, everywhere!  Seems while they were there, they decided it would be FUN to play with the puppies.  Ok, given how irresistible I was at the puppy stage, I can understand this.  But then, THEN, one dog caught their eye.


Look at this! I mean TAKE A LOOK AT THIS – that is MY MOMMA’s HAND gently stroking another doggie’s face. She said she was just seeing if he would TAKE TO HER. YEAH, LOOKS LIKE HE IS PRETTY DARN COMFORTABLE WITH YOU WOMAN.

Now, look at this!

They took that dog outside and played with him and ran around with him and petted him and everything.  All weekend long they have been talking about his PERSONALITY and WOULD I LIKE A YOUNGER BROTHER?

Help me friends.  I don’t know what to make of my world anymore.  Do you THINK they will actually GO THROUGH WITH THIS?!

Going to the Circus!

MOMMA! Wake up!

Finnie, what’s that? Why are we up so early? It’s a Saturday!

Well, dunno if everyone has heard yet, but I had such a good time at the ball that I said YES to being Wally’s girlfriend!

Yes, Finnie, we are all very excited for you.

So MOMMA, he is taking me to the circus today for our second date. Can you teach me how to juggle???


Well, Finn, you aren’t going to PARTICIPATE in the circus, you are going to go and watch all the performances and sample some of Sasha’s food from her food cart, and play some of the games.  You aren’t going to be up on stage, you are going to watch and have fun!

Oooooooh, so no training then.  I can just play with my squeakie balls as usual?


Yes, go ahead and squeak as normal. Errr…wait, I think Wally’s here to pick you up..


OOOOOOH. I hear him at the door. Gotta run Ma, see you tonight

Home by 1am Wally!!!



As you know, I have been asked to the big ball tonight by my dear friend Wally!  I am a little nervous too, because it has been a long long time since I have been on a doggie date.

Momma said we had to do some preparations, so she made me take a bath.

Oh, the humiliation.

Oh, the humiliation.

She spoke to me about being a little lady.

Legs and mouth closed Finnie.

Legs and mouth closed Finnie.

And then she told me to have a good time.

So I am patiently waiting to be picked up for the ball.  Oooooohhh….when is he coming to pick me up?!!?

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

We Found Nemo

No need to worry Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks, Nemo came and conquered all.  Not quite as friendly as I remember from the movie.  We are just getting dug out NOW but we certainly had fun the past few days; Finn has never seen so much snow!







Funny Friday

Hewwwow!  Finnackles here.  You know, when my fur-end Frankie decreed us to post something funny today, Momma went back through and looked at all of her photos to see if she could find something funny.  She looked and she looked, and she decided that nothing was really funny enough to post.  Then she sat down and turned on the news.  Apparently, the most catastrophic winter blizzard in decades is on its way, and they are calling it “Nemo.”  As in, the orange and white clown fish from the movie.  Get it?  Clown fish?  On Funny Friday.  BA HA HA.  She thought that was funny.  Ok, I digress.

Then, since Momma’s boss had the sensibility to let her stay home today, she decided it was time for us to go outside and play in Nemo.


I did what she refers to as the “kangaroo hop.”


Look at this fellow Blogville citizens, she tried to make me pose in front of the snow removal equipment. You see the look I am giving her?  Uh, hello? Anyone want to trade Mommas? I think mine’s gone off the deep end…

Ok, ok, here’s one that if it doesn’t make you chuckle a little bit, then Momma and I don’t know what to do with you.  This is me on my third day home with the peeps.  You see how small I am?  See how much peanut butter they have shoved in my kong?  It’s like my entire caloric intake for the week right there in five seconds.  Oh, the peeps, they are so silly!


We certainly hope all of our fur-ends who needed a little chuckle get one today!  And we hope all who need POTP have a full recovery!