I Got Mail!


I got a package tonight! From Wally!!!

OMD, OMD, let’s open it Momma!


Ooooooo, so much stuff!   A card that is addressed to the most arootiful girl in Blogville! That’s me!! And some candies and a bookmark for Momma. And there’s a tin, what’s in that?


Yummy Yummy nomnoms! What’s that Momma? I have to read the card…


Ooooh, there is a secret message inside just for moi. I will tell Wally when we have our date at the ball!

Thank you Wally! You are sooooooo lovely. Can’t wait to see you, and have a happy birthday tomorrow!


We’re Doing Okay!

Hello folks! We just wanted to drop by and let you all know we are doing ok. My Momma (aka, The Assistant) just needed a little blogging break, and so I have granted her one. If she doesn’t get back to work on me soon though, I will have to find a replacement! We’ve been keeping track on all of you and we are so glad some of you dropped by to see how we’re doing.

We had a pawesome Christmas! This was the first year the peeps put up the tree with me around and they were so impressed that I didn’t destroy it! Sheesh, can’t I be trusted?


I got some really great loot this year!  This is actually a stuffie toy that they can hide treats in and I have to tilt it in order to get them out!  And I got some new shampoo and conditioner and another stuffie toy, some treats…

I must have been good all year!


And the peeps have been doing a really good job of taking me out on some adventures!


Here I am in a little town called Port Jefferson. Hanging out with the peeps, you know…

And today they took me back down to the marina where we have been before, you know, playing in the water…


It’s been good. And of course by now you may have heard that I am being escorted by Wally to the ball in a couple of weeks!! I am sooooo excited.  We mailed him a little something on Saturday just to let him know we are thinking about him and the dance.

I am letting Momma go back into hibernation for a little while, but we hope you are all having a great winter so far!  See you at the Ball!