A Sad Day for Us

We lost our Sweet Finn this morning. She has brought to us so many smiles, too many adventures to count, and so much love.

She developed tumors in her adrenal glands which had spread to her lungs, liver and beyond. She would have been 8 years old in October.  I think she knew her life would be short because she made the most of every day, and brought a smile to every person she met.  She loved life and she loved me.

I love you forever my sweet girl.


Doggie Days of Smithtown

Woof woof!  Oh man, The rains fell on Smithtown today but Doggie Day happened!  I wanted to hold this event to introduce my work grounds to a new audience of people, and we did just that.  Even though yesterday it POURED and today there was drizzle, we had about 70 or so doggies come, and those who did had a wonderful time.  We hosted an animal blessing, a herding demonstration, we played sit-and-stay musical chairs, we learned about grooming, we learned about aggression, we read doggie stories, we played around with the farm animals.  I am so glad I did it, and I think we are going to try again for next year, just in the spring.

Enjoy some photos!  And thank you to everyone who donated to our raffles!  You helped my little historical society make some new friends!


Me and Momma's Boss

Animal Blessing


Grooming Demo

Herding Demo

I Was in a Parade!

You read right!  Me, the Finn, in a parade!  So, let’s back track.  Momma has been a bad, bad blogger.  We have been a little MIA, but it’s just because her workplace had a lot of events….including a parade.  She will be back to her regularly scheduled blogging soon…promise.

So, here we are!  Smithtown, NY celebrated its 350th Anniversary this year, and Momma’s workplace marched in the parade.  Since her workplace turned 60 this year, the gang decided to dress like it was 1955.  If you look closely, you see that I, Finnie, have an aroo-tiful poodle scarf wrapped around my neck.  Just for you Wally!  It was fun, but hot and there were a lot of noises!  And people.  Momma said there were over 2,100 marchers in the parade!  Can you believe it??


Now Saturday is Momma’s big Doggie Day.  Keep your paws crossed that the rain stays away for it.  We will post plenty of pics from that, promise!

Moon Gazing with Charley 


Dogs Meet Baby

And baby left uninjured and unscarred from the experience!   Ain’t she cute?!

Wordless Wednesday

Funny Pops


Smithtown Doggie Day

It’s totally happening people.  Totally.  I can’t believe it.  And, I forgot to email myself the flier to post for you all, so to see the fun ad we made, go here and then scroll down to our October events.  Here’s the skinny…

It’s October 3rd, which is one day before the Feast of St. Francis, the blesser of animals.  I got the church across the street to agree to come one over and start our day with a blessing.  AND, announce in their bulletin that our blessing is the only blessing they are doing for the weekend, encouraging their parishioners to come on over.  BOOM.

Then we’ve got some lectures.  How to resuscitate your dog, how to properly brush your dog’s fur, a herding demo (yeah, we’ve got sheep), and maybe an agility demo.  We’re working on that.  We’ve got the town photographers doing a doggie photo booth.  I’ve got musical chairs with dogs as a game.  I’ve got a local artist whose written a kids book on dogs doing some readings.  I’ve got the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind coming.  I’ve got the Suffolk ASPCA coming.  I’ve got our local Smithtown Animal Shelter coming for adoptions.  I’ve got raffles….LB Johnson, Jones Natural Dog Chews, Chewy.com, Bark Box…all donors…THANK YOU!  I’ve got to circle back on my local pet store to reel them in again, we’ve lost touch.  I’ve got a Hot Dawg truck coming.

I AM PSYCHED.  What say you Blogville!  Get your butts out to Long Island October 3rd!

Abandoned Kings Park

For Momma’s new job, she has to co-author a book on a little hamlet called Kings Park.  She took a tour with some KP historians a few weeks back and some things that she wanted to show Pops.  So, we went along for the ride.


This area used to be a large hospital, but it was all self-contained.  The workers lived here, they had their own dairy, their own working farm, a pig slaughter, you name it.  People who were institutionalized worked in all the different places.  Then in the 1980’s. the doors were closed, the patients were literally kicked out, and now the buildings stand ruined.  We just went and visited one little area, but there are over 60 buildings that still stand.


Momma said it was like being in one of those movies – – the ones where there are no more humans alive and nature takes over everything man built.  Creepy.



After Momma talked Pops out of sneaking in to the buildings, we hung out in the shade and got some belly rubs.



Creepy, but pretty in a way, eh?  You can see all the way to the Long Island Sound.  Pops said next time he’s leaving me and Chuck at home so they can sneak in these places.  Momma said NO THANKS!


Bacon’s Show and Tell

Gooooooood Friday morning!  Well, today’s installment of Bacon’s show and tell is sharing of a moment that happened to you as a child….a what-the-heck-was-I-thinking moment now that you are able to look back upon it.


Childhood fashion is rough my friends.  Especially from the 70s.

Enjoy at my expense….

Wordless Wednesday



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