Can’t Find Your Athlete??

Thank you to everyone who sent in your athlete’s picture!  
I hope you could find your athlete in the Closing Ceremony collage.
And if you couldn’t, here are some close-ups!

That’s over 150 athletes!!
I struggled a bit with what to do with all the photos.  I tried to resize all the pictures so that they would all be the same size.  I admit, I think the crabby girls and the turtle are bigger than some of the dogs in the picture, but what can you do?
Then I thought that perhaps I would put everyone in less, but longer, rows.  I wouldn’t have been able to get everyone in one picture, so I opted for a square of rows.  I was thrilled with how many folks wanted to be a part of this!  I hope I did the Olympic Committee proud!

2012 Blogville Olympics Closing Ceremony

We’d better get inside, the Closing Ceremony is about to start!!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Blogville Olympics.  I need everyone to take their seats…

Thank you.

I, Finnackles, will be your MC for this evening.
Thank you.  I love you guys too!

Closing Ceremonies celebrate the culture of the place where the games has taken place.  
Here in Blogville, a place I am most proud to be a part, 
we have many parts to our unique culture.

There are present swaps and giveaways and Blogville newspapers…

There are residents that live inside and out…
All the crew at K9 Katastrophie

Shelldon and Beachnut


There are badges and honors…



There are memes for every day of the week or for every month in the year…
There are plays, games, challenges and events…


There’s even a boot camp and a gardening club!

Some of us have special talents, special trainings, 
special jobs, and special Saturday steps… 


George and Tess


And some a keen fashion sense…




And, most importantly, there is much much much love and respect…






Traditionally, the torch is extinguished to symbolize the ending of the games.
Sarge has volunteered his services to set out the flames.
Take it away Sarge.

Nice work!  I know you’ve been holding it in for a while.  BOL!  
Thanks Sarge and I hope you didn’t get singed!

And now, on to our Mayor Mr. Frankie Furter for his closing remarks.  Mr. Mayor?
Thank you Finnackles for that introduction.

Ladies and Gentlemen I stand before you, this glorious day, to tell you that the 2012 Blogville Olympics was a complete success.  From the Astounding Open Ceremonies to the Fabulous Closing you have enjoyed the BEST of the BEST that Blogville has to offer.     Our Hosts brought you Astounding Venues where athletes were able to demonstrate their prowess in so many varied ways.  You were just treated to a marvelous Closing Ceremony and you are joined in this stadium by Both the ATHLETES and their EVENT HOSTS.  This is their time to sit back and bask in the glory of their fine OUTSTANDING Efforts.   Let us stand together once again in Recognition of Each and Every ONE…  they are ALL WINNERS in the eyes of Blogville.  ….870 seconds o Standing Ovation… Cheers of jubilation………………..


I now declare the 2012 Blogville Olympics…………….  CLOSED.


Thank you Mayor Frankie.  Everyone give yourself a huge round of applause!!

Thank you for participating in the 2012 Blogville Olympics!    Congratulations to all the athletes!  Looking forward to the Winter Games in 2014!

(THANK YOU to Roo’s Momma for the cool arena graphics!  
We sure had a LOT of FUN, didn’t we!?!) 
Please take this badge if you haven’t already done so!
Because remember, we are all winners! 

The Neighbor

Our next door neighbor likes to provide a cat with some food and water.  
Finn sniffs around waiting for that cat to show up…
Because when we go for a walk outside and we see this…

…it turns into a shoot-out showdown, and I have to say, Finn is a wimp.  The cat hisses, Finn jumps away, and then she goes back inside looking for the cat through the fence again.

It’s a vicious cycle.  If she knows the cat is going to hiss at her, why does she jump?  And then go back to looking for it?  Oh Finn…