Finn & Charley Have BINGO

Friends, you have until Sunday to play your Park Day 2.0 BINGO!  Download your Bingo card here and make sure to add your Park Day 2.0 Post to the Linky Link at the bottom of the page.  There are some great prizes to be won and some exercise to be had!

So, off we go!  Here is the BINGO we decided to play:


Our tasks:

Visit a Park More Than 30 Minutes From Your House

We visited the Peconic Riverfront Pedestrian Walk in Riverhead, NY. This park is juuuuuust thirty minutes from our house. (Plus, we had to stop at the bank on the way there, so it took us over thirty minutes.)  Sadly, it does not have a sign!  This was the only sign I could find along the walkway.


Visit an Urban Park

This waterfront is part of a revitalization effort by Riverhead to improve the downtown area.  Grant funds were used to create the walkway, fund artisans to create some of the sculptures we are going to show you, and, and to improve parking in the downtown area.  It might not seem like much, but eastern Long Island is very much rural.  Riverhead sits at the point where the north and south forks meet and provides the eastern end of the island with construction industry, larger chains of restaurants, an aquarium, the entrance to the major expressway leading west to New York City, and a downtown shopping area.

Take a Walk in a Nature Preserve

We subbed this out for Find a Monument or Sculpture.  Check out the cool sculptures we found!  The river is lined with these carved sculptures.



And Charley found this cool sculpture where bikers can lock up their bikes!


Visit Your Nearest Body of Water

We went to the closest body of water in our previous Park Day 2.0 posts, so here are great pictures of the Peconic River at this walk.



Find Flowers

Finn found these flowers up in a tree!


So, there you have it! BINGO!  Don’t forget to join in!


We took a ride out to Riverhead, where the north and south forks of Long Island meet.  There is a cute little promenade where, in pre-Finn times, my hubby and I would get some lunch, sit at one of the tables and watch the paddleboaters and kayakers go by.
We decided Finn needed a new place to sniff on this particular day, and she loved it – the ducks, the water, the people saying, “Aw, cute puppy,” the birds and the breeze. 

A great afternoon.