Ice Cubes on Tasty Tuesday

Did you see Sugar’s post last week about making fruity ice cubes?  Sugar looked like she enjoyed them so much, so we had to try them for ourselves.  We decided on the blueberry ice cubes.

Imagine the scene….it is a hot summer morning, you head into the kitchen and open the freezer.  If your dogs are anything like mine, they know the sounds mean that there is fresh food coming towards them.  I open the freezer…Finn picks her head up.  I take out the ice cube tray…Charley wakes up from his slumber.  I *CRACK* the cubes free from their plastic tray…two large dogs come running in, knowing what’s next.

That was the scene in the Howard house this weekend upon creating blueberry ice cubes.

Come on Ma!  Let me have one already!  I see the tray on the counter!

Come on Ma! Let me have one already! I see the tray on the counter!

And then you dole them out to the doggies.   I put them in the water bowls and let them try to dig them out.  All you hear is the sweet sound of licking, munching and cracking, knowing they are staying hydrated and having a cool little snack.


I see you Mr. Blueberry. I see you in there.

We emailed Sugar on Sunday to let her know about our little treats and you know what? She said she is gonna share more options for creating fruity ice cubes later this month. We can’t wait to see what she suggests because, seriously, Finn and Charley LOVED the blueberry.

Here’s a closeup.  We got 2-3 blueberries in each cube.  Delicious!