Happy Halloween

This is so humiliating…

Well, our Halloween costume parade got rained out over the weekend, and I have been summonsed for jury duty today, so luckily for Finn, she will not have to wear her costume too long today.  Pops certainly isn’t going to make her wear it!  But, I think she looks so cute, don’t you?

Show Us Your Treat Jar & Christmas Card Exchange

After I made my rant about the Kong ball, 
I did finally go out and buy the treats that would fit.  
And Finn loves it.

Sorry about that Kong, can we still be friends?
So, we don’t have a treat jar, we keep all of Finn’s treats in their baggies on top of the fridge.  Sometimes when we are in the kitchen, poor Finn will glance up to the fridge…and then to us….and then to fridge…
Today we will be dropping off a bag of the treats to our local shelter, in support of Cybersibes’ show us your treat day!  Even though Finn just found these treats two weeks ago, she jumps around when she sees the ball coming up and tries to gobble up those treats as quickly as possible!
And, don’t forget about our Christmas Card Exchange!  If you LOVE mail and you want to get involved in the action, see the directions here!

Christmas Card Exchange!

Who’s ready to get into the holiday spirit??  I’m helping out Jazzi’s Momma this year in organizing a Christmas Card Exchange.  If you’d like to be a a part of it, please sit your human down and have them send us an email.

If you live in a state A-L, send your full name, blog, snail mail address, and email address to Hound Dog’s momma at hounddogmom(dot)jeakins(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you live in a state M-Z, send your full name, blog, snail mail address, and email address to my momma at marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot) com

If you live outside the USA, send your full name, blog, email address and snail mail address to Schnauzer Day’s momma at schnauzerdays(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

We’re including email addresses in case you’d like to keep it green this year!  Also, we are welcoming all types of holiday cards in the exchange, so if your peeps celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus, you can participate!

Our deadline is November 19th!  Make sure to send us your info by then.  The master list will be sent to you by November 21st.  And no worries, we will not be sharing your emails or home addresses for any other purposes.

Have fun!

Wordless Wednesday

To My Hubby

Happy Anniversary to my hubby, who checks on Finn’s blog regularly.  I love you.
Here we are on our wedding day…
… and at a stop on the Ring of Kerry on our honeymoon.
Just wonderful memories of this time…two years ago…sharing this special day with family and friends and then traveling around Ireland together for a couple of weeks.  
All pre-Finn.  🙂  

Home Improvement

Last week we mounted railings for our staircase.  Finn did not approve!  Look at that face!

We’re guessing she’ll be a lot happier when we get the stairs carpeted – 
a change she can actually munch on!

The Underbite

When we first went to pick up Finn, we were told that we would never be able to show her because of her severe underbite.  Not that we had any intention of ever showing her, but I always remember the point the woman made about showing us her teeth.  We can see her underbite when she’s relaxing sometimes, and it just makes us giggle.
Nothing like Finn being Finn.  Love you girl!

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