True Color Thursday – Tomato Red

This week’s challenge was Tomato Red.  Oh, did I have fun snapping this pictures around the office building!

I mean, seriously, the folks inside the office watching me take a picture of the exit sign – they think I am crazy!

And look at that – two reds in one shot!

And finally, we had to creatively place a can of tomato soup somewhere.  But, I don’t like tomato soup, so I used an alternative, tomato sauce.  My grandmothers would be rolling in their graves if I knew I kept jars of this stuff at home and didn’t make it from scratch, so please, don’t share this with too many people!  
This is how I have been leaving the house lately, and those are my maternal grandparents in the background.
Miss you two.  You wouldn’t be smiling if you saw that sauce up close in my house!