Sorry Boys…

Guess what happened to me yesterday?!?

My friend Cody asked me to go out with him!

And Momma said  I could go!  WHOOOOPIE!!

Dear Cody,

I like going for walks and runs on the beach…

Walking around at night to see all the lights….

And playing with bright squeaky things….

Tonight is New Year’s Eve – where are you taking me??

Love, Finn

Where in the World is Finnie’s Momma? And a Giveaway!

I was truly touched by all of your kinds words when I shared my lay-off saga with you.  I have been working at my new job now for a month, and I thought it would be fun to show you around the area where I am now working.  I love this kind of thing because I just love maps.  I can’t explain it.  So, I thought, whoever can guess the closest location to my new job will win a little care package from my gal Finn.

Ok, here we go….

To the west – rebuilding after 9/11

To the west, Zuccotti Park…where are my protestors?  Where’s Pip?!!

To the southwest, Trinity Church

To the south, Federal Hall

To the south, Stock Exchange

To the north – My subway stop in the morning.  I get off here so I can get some fresh air and get a little walk in.  On the way home I go in at a stop that is much closer.

To the east – see those buildings in the background – that would be Brooklyn!  And just in front of it is the FDR Drive.

To the northeast, South Street Seaport and Brooklyn Bridge
Courtesy of South Street Seaport

Ok, so there you go – this is my new working neighborhood.  Can you figure out a street name?  An address?  Give it a whirl.  And, checking out a map is absolutely allowed!  Send your guesses to me at marianne(dot)d(dot)howard@gmail(dot)com by next Friday, January 13th by noon EST and the closest address wins!

Christmas Eve Walk

On Christmas Eve, we decided to take a walk here…
We saw a lot of this…

and this…

And did some of this…

And a lot of this!

Yes, tons of smiles!  

My Christmas Morning

First, Momma turned on a movie and it played allllllll dayyyyyyy longggg….
Then she brought out a gift baggie just for me!

A card from the Big Guy himself!!!  On rawhide!!  He does exist!

What’s this?

A snowman?  That squeaks?

To the pillow!!

There’s more?!

To the pillow again!

Yes, I love them all!

More?  Oh, those are for Momma and Pops…

I’ll just nosh on my card…

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas filled with squeakie toys and extra treats!


Hewwwow!  Finn here.   One year ago today, Momma and Pops came into the place where I had been staying and picked me up out of my play crib and said “Yes, we’ll take HER!”
Do you blame them?  Look at how cute I am!
Momma said it was because when I was playing with another doggie, he had taken my ball from me and I went over and nipped his ear.  I don’t remember any of that though.
And, to be honest, although they came and picked me out a year ago today, THEY ACTUALLY LEFT  ME THERE FOR ANOTHER WEEK OR TWO!  They said it was so I could get all my shots and they could get through the holidays, but I don’t remember any of that either.  Hurmph.
Tomorrow is Christmas!  May you and your families have a merry and blessed one!

Thank you, thank you!

We loved opening up every one of them!  
And thank you to Lassiter Chase and Benjamin, the Shelties & Cybersibes for our Liebster Award!  We have gotten three awards in one week, and we are just honored.

Feed Me

I kid you not, this picture was taken yesterday at 12 noon, and we did give her breakfast!

Kreativ Blogger

Thank you to my friends at Urban Hounds for my newest award!  We are honored!

And now, we must tell you ten things about ourselves that you may not know!  This is hard, but here we go…

1.  We almost got a rottweiler instead of our girl!

2.  I still don’t really like other dogs in the fur, just my own!  (Liking you all is much different).  I try to smile at other dogs I see and pet one or two here or there, but Finn is by far the only dog I really really enjoy to be around.

3.  Finn has picked up bad behavior at the dog park.  She humps my husband’s leg.  It is the funniest thing to see and we are trying to stop that behavior, but it just makes us crack up when she does it.

4.  Now that there is frost on the ground in the mornings, we spend a little extra time on our first walk of the day.  Finn likes to crunch crunch crunch around in the frozen grass.  I even make a crunch sound for her when she steps.

5.  Anyone seeing us do this would think I am a little loco, but I don’t care.  She smiles up at me when I do it. Maybe she’s thinking I am a little loco.

6.  Sometimes Finn wakes me up in the middle of night – I can hear her walking across the floors.  I wish she would sleep through the night sometimes!

7.  Finn prefers my husband’s socks to mine.

8.  Finn gets “Oh, she’s so adorable” comments wherever we go.  And I always say, “thank you.”  Like I gave birth to her and she has my gene pool.

9.  It’s really Finn’s world and I am just living in it.

10.  And as you know, I started my new job earlier this month.  I miss having my girl around me during the day!  When I come home at night, she is so glad to see me and it makes me smile.

And now to pass the award along to six of my friends!
1.  Westie Julep
2.  While Walking Duncan
3.  Two Scotties Livin’ the Dream
4.  Bad Blair
5.  Homer the Golden Retriever
6.  Jasper-isms

Pressie Exchange

Earlier in the week, my gift box arrived from Jazzi & Addy!  I was sooooooo excited!
A picture ornament, a rope toy, a frisbee, some treats, and a squeaky ball!

I instantly found my fave!  A BALL – THAT SQUEAKS!  JOY!


Oh wait, some treats!

Can’t a gal have both?  Notice I am protecting my ball while I munch, munch, munch!
Thank you guys – I love it all!

Mud Bath

This is the hole in the mud….
This is mud that wound up on the gal digging the hole…
She’s all mine.

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