Trip to the V-E-T

Ugh, Momma here.  I will spare you the photos today and just describe.

Charley has always produced more ear wax then Finn, and since he’s been with us now, I’ve cleaned his ears out once a week and all has been fine.  Well, last week I noticed there was a wax explosion in his ear and I started to clean it out every other day.  Then his ear got all red with little white spots and the wax wouldn’t stop coming.  We decided this was beyond our control and made the appointment.

So, he has a yeast infection in his ear.  We have meds to give him for that for the next two weeks.  If it comes back, it could mean an allergy.

Then, the vet starts to poke around.  He’ll be one year this week (have no fear, there will be cake), and he weighs 43 pounds.   Since we’ve had him, he has only gained 6 pounds.  Not good.  I wonder if you bigger dog owners weigh your dogs?  Because the vet looked at me like I was nuts when I said we didn’t weigh him regularly but he really is growing.  I know he has gotten bigger and longer.  It’s not like he’s going to fit on a regular scale so how the heck would I be able to weigh him regularly?  Whatever.

So, we have done a parasite test and some blood work to see if there is a liver shunt.  We will find out today, but we really have no idea what to expect.  I am hoping for not too horrible news but am kind of feeling like a bad dog Momma right now.

An Ouchie

I had an ouchie this weekend.  When Momma and Pops came home form work on Friday, they (Momma) noticed I wasn’t putting my full weight on one of my paws!  I was kinda limping around and stuff.  So, they had to take me to the V-E-T!

Here we are.  I look good, right??  There was another doggie there that wasn’t put any weight on one of  his paws either.  We found out he tore his ACL when he tried to jump off the bed!  Ouch!

Turns out I have some allergies, and I had been licking and licking and licking a rash in between my paw pads and caused a little irritation.  So all weekend long I had to lay down and RELAX.  It was so darn hard!  
I have some pre-posted posts (you know what I mean) for this week, but know I am laying low, keeping my paws clean and being served like the princess I am!  Have a good week folks!

Our Busy Day

Well, no sooner had I read over my post yesterday morning about how much I loved the Finn, did she do something that made me worry sick.

Guess where this picture was taken?  She looks pretty happy and normal, right?

Well, we are at the emergency vet.  That’s right.  Apparently, my normal vet couldn’t squeeze us in yesterday (note to self, find new vet) and we had to run to the emergency room for my little girl!  She wasn’t sitting, and favored one hind leg over the other and her tail wasn’t raised at all.  She had been moping around all morning too, just not acting like herself.  
So, the vet performed a little rear cleansing, we discovered she’s backed up with….wood chips!  Oh Finn.  And bad supervision by the peeps in this house.  We get a big F for bad backyard supervision. 
And, after a little stretching, we’re hoping that she’s just sprained her leg.  😦  
So, Finn’s suped up on drugs, eating some pumpkin and resting with Momma for the day.  I realized how much I loved my little girl.  Hope she’s feeling better soon.