Show and Tell – The Gift I Hated

Momma taking over here to join in Bacon’s Show and Tell for today!  Today’s Show and Tell was a gift that I hated.  I thought about writing this from Finn and Charley’s perspective, but that didn’t seem to work, I mean they just love everything.  So, I can can definitely tell you about something I received that I did not like.  I actually bought it for myself….

On a vacation a few years back, I decided it would be fun to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver.


It was my idea, and I made all the arrangements.  The day comes to go and the plans fall into motion.  We would catch a bus from our hotel that would take us to the park and we would spend the day there, away from the city.  When we get there, we decide that before we try out the suspension bridge, we would first try the sky walk.  Easy peasy.

Suspension 1 IMG_5632

Great!  Fun!  Look at me, I’m a rock star!

Then, we move over to the suspension bridge.

Bridge 2

I start to head out on the bridge.  My knees buckle.  I panic.  My hands start sweating.  I have to turn around and head back to the beginning.  I walk over to a bench, I watch person after person after person walk across the bridge and make it to the other side in complete safety.  I try again.  I take a step.  I feel the bridge sway in the wind.  I begin to cry.  I walk off it again.  I sit to the side for a second time, watching everyone else walk across.  I try for the third time.  This time, a complete meltdown.  Hysterics.  People staring.  Snot streaming down from my nose.  We literally have to leave the park because my fears have just taken control of my body and I broke down.  Ugh, it was horrible.  I hated myself for not being able to go over it!

The rest of our time in Vancouver was really nice – I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a visit there.  But I will just never forget this one thing!

So there you have it, a gift I hated….given to me by myself!

Wordless Wednesday


Momma’s Work Dog

Well, Momma has been at her job for THREE WEEKS now and she hasn’t brought us.  Seems she still is “settling in.”  Bollocks.  We think it’s because all day long she gets to spend time with this guy…his name is Reach…


Yep, one of Momma’s coworkers brings her dog to work with her everyday.  Momma says maybe if we were good pups and didn’t get distracted so much on our recall then we could come everyday too.  We aren’t buying that crap.  She also says he’s a herding dog, and helps out gathering all the sheep on the farm when we have people visiting.  Again, pure fiction.


Reach 2

Sometimes when Momma’s in her office, he comes and puts his head under her hand so she’s got to give him scratchies.  That’s her window.  That’s her hand.  That’s NOT OUR SCRATCHIES.

And what about this??!?!!

Reach 3

That’s Momma’s car.  That’s Reach in Momma’s car.  One day when she was leaving work, he followed her and hopped in her car.  IN OUR CAR.  She said he sniffed and sniffed and sniffed all around. That’s right Reachie.  We own that car.

What do you think guys, any chance Momma will bring us, or at least one of us, any time soon?!?

Daddy’s Big Boy Helper

Roller 1   Roller 2

Charley wants to know prevailing wage rates…says he would be good at getting the low spots.  He doesn’t do ladders and he’s requiring plenty of water and snoozing breaks as well as treats five times a shift.  It’s gonna be a loooong summer!

The Feed Me Face



A Package!

Hewwwow!  Finnackles here.  Yes, that is right, we are only back in Blogville for a week and my Wally has sent me a package!

Um, Finn, Mom here.  Yeah, see I asked Wally’s mom to send me a package.  Your cousin, Victoria, she’s collecting coin and there’s a space in her album for foreign coins, and Wally’s Mom said she would mail me some for her.

You mean Wally didn’t send me anything???

Well, Finn, he did.  He sent you some of his favorite Sunday dinner bones.  And then me and Pops got some goodies too!



Well, ok, but you have to share on with Charley, ok??

Bone sit

Thanks to Wally and Sammy’s Mom for our loot!!!  Full disclosure: The hubs and I were instructed to share one candy bar and then give the other two to my nieces.  My husband has not seen a candy bar and there are two left.  I do not know how this happened….

Poor Finn. Oh Chuck. Poor Finn.

First, I want to thank everyone for their warm welcome back.  I can’t promise I’ll be able to do as much visiting as I once did or when I will be able to post, but I will try my best.

This pic made me laugh…coming home from an outing to a local river, both Finn and Chuck lay down in the back seat and Chuck lays right on Finn’s head.  Poor Finn.  I think I see Chuck even sticking out his tongue a little there.  Poor Finn!

Oh Chuck

Pees…so I’ve been out of the game for so long that I wonder if there’s a problem with wordpress and it picking up all the new posts from the blogs I follow?  Any thoughts on that?

Old Westbury Gardens Dog Day

Last month, one of Momma’s favorite places, Old Westbury Gardens, had a dog day.  It was pretty pawsome!  The park is actually a Gold Coast estate from the 1920s (think Gatsby) and they opened it up to any leashed and well-behaved dogs!  Well, we had to go.  I mean, we are both leashed and well-behaved.  Well, I am anyway.  Wanna hear something funny?  As we pulled in, one of Pop’s friends and his wife pulled in two cars behind us!  We had no idea they were going.OWG1

 We walked around for an hour with them (that’s Pops talking to them in front of the mansion) and then we went back for about another hour.

 OWG 2



(They are just so darn cute, eh?)


Hey Blogville!  Just some news around here. Momma’s been name the NEW executive director at the Smithtown Historical Society and she started last Monday. Whoop whoop!  She says it’s a lot of work but that WE CAN JOIN HER THERE (…when things settle down)!  Awesome. Guess who we will meet there? 


Fun times!

This is what we have been doing in the meantime…

Some things never change!