Wordless Wednesday



Wordless Wednesday

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Just Your Average Evening Walk…

So my community entrance got a facelift this spring and now when we got for walks, this happens…


We cross the road into the median so she can take a dip in the waterfall.


Good thing she’s so darned cute.

Therrible Threes!

Dudes…Chuck here.  Turned three on Friday.  I told Momma and Pops not to worry, I would no longer be in the terrible twos…I would now be in the therrible threes.

Turning three

Pops said take a picture.  I gave him a kissie.

Toy for Chuck

Momma gave me a new toy.  I immediately chewed a hole in it.

Toy for Finn

Momma gave Finn a new toy.  I took it and immediately chewed a hole in it.

Three is awesome!

Poor Finn. Oh Chuck. Poor Finn.

First, I want to thank everyone for their warm welcome back.  I can’t promise I’ll be able to do as much visiting as I once did or when I will be able to post, but I will try my best.

This pic made me laugh…coming home from an outing to a local river, both Finn and Chuck lay down in the back seat and Chuck lays right on Finn’s head.  Poor Finn.  I think I see Chuck even sticking out his tongue a little there.  Poor Finn!

Oh Chuck

Pees…so I’ve been out of the game for so long that I wonder if there’s a problem with wordpress and it picking up all the new posts from the blogs I follow?  Any thoughts on that?

Finn Says, “It’s GeoDog Day!!”


Hewwwow!! Finnackles here, telling you about the cache I helped Momma find. Check it out GC2N6BV – The Way a Sandwich Should Be (1996-2000). Momma had me out and said she needed my sniffer to find this one. It was actually hidden with a magnet under this random sign in a strip mall.


We looked to the right to make sure there weren’t any muggles around when we grabbed it.


We looked to the left to make sure there weren’t any muggles around when we grabbed it.


Anyone see what’s behind me? A Subway shop. And their slogan was “The Way a Sandwich Should Be” from 1996-2000 (apparently!  We looked it up when we got home). The sign where the cache was hidden was directly across from the shop in the parking lot.


There’s the cache! Our log was rolled up inside there. We signed it and put it back so the next person could find it. Geodog Finn here, hoping you all had a great time looking for your caches!

Over and out!

PS – Make sure to hook up with the linky link over at Gizmo’s if you’re joining us on your geocache adventure today!  And….last but not least…I would like to thank my outdoor partner in crime today for hosting this event!  You rock Gizmo!

WW – Momma’s Shadow



GeoDog- Cache Up in a Tree?

Dudes, Charley here.  Reporting to you about the time Momma met her friend C and my friend Maya for some cache hunting.  You can find their blog here!  Yep, Momma has real life friends with doggies too!  Click on over and go say hello!  Anyways, Momma and her friend wanted to go for a walk with us, and did not want to have any ticks, so they decided on going for a little walk in a town called Patchogue, on the south shore of Long Island.  It’s undergoing some revitalization, so they are trying to build back up their main street.


Check out the cool murals! We had never been here before, and Momma wanted to see how I would do just the two of us in a new and busy place. She said I did just fine! Duh, like of course.


Okay, so here are our friends.


Ain’t Maya a cutie?? Ok, so we took a little walk to try to find cache GC343KB – Garden of Delights.  Click on the link to follow along.  The cache is in a small garden and the hint says to look up.  Out little app took us to this garden.  So pretty!


We were lead to a nice looking tree, and since the clue said to look up, we did. Do you see what I see?


C found it:


A black canister hanging under the tree. You never know what you are gonna find when you play! So we found the log, but neither of us had a pen with us (doh!) so we submitted a photo of the log as proof we were there.


GeoDog Charley signing off. This is the end of our geocaching examples until you have to post yours on Friday the 16th.  We’ve shown you park and grabs, we’ve shown you nanos, we’ve shown you virtual caches, we’ve taught you to look up and look down, you never know where they are gonna be!  Hope you are now able to play along and we can’t wait to see where you went.  Til next time dudes.

GeoDog – Park and Grab Example

Reminder – Post your experiences on finding a geocache on August 16th. Linky link. Prizes. All good fun.  And in between now and then I am going to show you some examples of geocache hunts and finds I’ve had recently, so you know what you are looking for.

I want to show you an example of a Park & Grab we found.  We were on our way home and I decided we were going to find a cache together.  There was one pretty close by #GC33DPA – The WB.  Remember on the app, you are the blue dot heading towards the green map pin.


A park & grab is generally a quick find near a place where you can closely park and walk to the cache. The description told me it was magnetic and the hint told me it blended in well.


My map brought me over to this lightpost area and I looked all around the base, at the screws bolting it down.  There was this panel which looks like it was screwed into the pole, but…


Psych! It is held onto the pole with magnets and the paper inside is the log that I had to sign.  I was also told in the description to BYOP – Bring your own pen – since there was no room to hide a pen or pencil in this cache.

Now, you don’t think I did that all alone, did you?


Complete family effort!! Geodogs and Geohubs in tow. It was well over 90 degrees that day, so I didn’t make them get out of the AC.  And no, we didn’t drive with them crawling all over like that.  Rock on Geodogs!




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