And the Winner Is….

Gizmo and I are humbled by all citizens of Blogville who took part in our First Ever Park Day!  We had 58 folks who participated!!!  Thank you!  I really enjoyed seeing all the places you went!  Special thanks to Chef Sasha again for bringing her wonderful food truck!

Now, on to the drawing!  We made a list of all participants and assigned everyone numbers.  We plugged them into our generator and clicked “generate” four times….

The winners of our prizes are….







#21 Bouncing Bertie

#26 Wag N Woof Pets

#36 Floppy Tongue Joy

#56 Cowspotdog

CONGRATULATIONS!  Make sure you look for the email/comment from Gizmo so we can receive your mailing addresses for the prizes!

And did I mention there’s a Park day 2.0??  Stay tuned – more information coming at the end of this week!!!

Monday Announcements!

If you haven’t already gone over to check it out, head on to the Pet Blogger Mall.  There’s updated information on there for folks who want to open a shop AND an announcement for the logo design contest.  That’s right!  Are you one of those digitally creative types that loves making all those badges and logos and blog designs?  Then find out how to enter the contest to design the logo!

This is my logo.  I am not digitally talented.  If you are digitally talented, go enter the contest so this logo does not win.  That dog is Finn.


And don’t forget to add the mall’s blog to your reader thingamobobber so you can get all the announcements in your queue.

Now, Gizmo and I are just THRILLED with the response we saw for Park Day!!! Thank you to everydog that participated. We will be putting out tails together tonight to pull a winner of our prizes and will announce that tomorrow. And stay tuned Blogville, Park Day 2.0 announcements will be coming on Friday!


We’ve been waiting for three weeks to see where you took your peeps on Park Day! Make sure to get your posts up today and let us know where you went!  And don’t forget to take the badge.  We have a lot of cool prizes for someone who posts today, so be sure your peeps have you join in!


For my Park Day outing, Momma took me to Mills Pond. What a pretty place!


It just seemed like whichever path we took to get down to it, there were a lot of down trees!


So, we hung out at the top of it…


Did you know today in the US it is Arbor Day? So, Momma made sure she took a picture of me by a tree!


This is a beech tree! See how close to the top of the soil the roots are?  Yowsa!  This tree is just HUGE.


Now I know I am here early, but I am hoping Chef Sasha is here making of her possum pizza!  Cause I want a slice real bad!  And I am off to sniff out the rest of you too!

Finn’s Momma here – Hope that you enjoyed hitting up a local park and sniffing somewhere new today!  I can’t wait to go around and see where everyone got to spend some of their park time with their peeps.  Now don’t forget to leave a comment here or with Gizmo so we can draw a name for all our prizes!!  You can do so through Sunday night.  We’ll draw our winner on Monday and announce the lucky someone on Tuesday.

And stay tuned Blogville, rumor has it that Park Day 2.0 is coming real soon…

A Whole Bunch of Stuffs. And TOMORROW

Proud Finnie and Charley here!  Our Momma was asked to contribute to a non-dog related blog and we forgot to tell you about it last week.  So, go here and check it out and then come back here and tell her how fabulous it is!  And, if you are in one of the cities which has Sidetour, join up – there are a ton of adventures to choose from!  Momma has already lead one, will lead another one tomorrow, and is planning a bunch more over the summer!

Now, head on over to the Pet Blogger Mall.  There should be some new features up on that site today, like the FAQs and About Us section.  Want to sell some of the items you make?  Find out how!  Want to know how this whole idea came to fruition?  Head on over.  Want to find out when it’ll open?  Click the link.  And make sure to follow the blog so you get all the updates!

And don’t forget about tomorrow – Park Day!  Get your posts ready!  We CANNOT wait to see where you all went!  And, save some room in your bellies, cause Chef Sasha is bringing her food truck!!!  I love the possum pizza with extra possum.  And NO, I don’t share.  Except with my Wally.  See you tomorrow!2012-10-17 15.29.14

Charley Got Mail

Yes, you read it right, Charley got mail!!! When Mollie had her birthday dress up party, Charley won a prize, and it came this week!!! So exciting!

It’s a good thing Finn was on Cloud Nine from her date with Wally yesterday, or she would have been a bit miffed it wasn’t for her! BOL.



Look at that! We were made into a magnet!!! How cool is that?!!? And, we think we look stunning on it – so true to life!  It passes Charley’s sniff of approval!


And, we also got a squeaky toy!!


Mollie, thank you so so much!! Charley loves his first ever piece of Blogville mail!!!

Date Night

Hewwwow! Finnackles here. Now, I am sure you heard, but my SUPER CUTE BF Wally and his bro Sammy have won the battle against “The Man” and are now allowed to spend some time on the couch!  YAY!!!


To celebrate, he has invited me over to watch a movie and eat some popcorn…ON THE COUCH!  OMD, I am so excited.  Momma made sure to clip my nails to I wouldn’t tear the fabric and to brush out my furs a few extra times so I don’t shed too much and therefore irritate “The Man.”



So I am off!  Sorry Charley, you have to stay home!  What do you think we’ll watch?  The Lady and the Tramp?  All Dogs Go To Heaven?  Marmaduke?


Doing Much Much Better With the Double Sit


I have no idea why this is so important for me to be able to do, but I have been so determined to get them to do this!

Park Day Reminder!


Ok folks, you have one more week to go out there and get yourself ready for Gizmo and my Park Day!

Next Friday, April 26th, you create a post about a trip that you and your peep took to a local park.  Then leave me a comment and let me know you went.  I will have a random drawing with all who entered for a nice set of prizes!

Now, some of you may not be a natural at visiting parks.  You can absolutely send your peeps to a park OR get creative and “virtually” visit a park.  Ever dream of being in the Grand Canyon as a pet?  NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!  You catch my drift I am sure.

Now, I, Finnackles, your Director of Parks and Recreation, am here to provide you with your weekly Park Day Inspiration!!


Here’s me and Charley having some good fun in our dog run. Darn I heart my little bro. Ok, so get going! And don’t forget – next Friday, April 26th is it!

And don’t forget to grab the badge!

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Pet Blogger Mall – It’s Coming Soon

Pet Bloggers Mall.

Click the link and pass it on!

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