Our Nice Long Weekend

Hewwwow fur-ends!  Oh man, did we have the best weekend.  Not only was it Independence Day (remember, it’s not the fourth of July because you don’t call Christmas the 25th of December, do you??!?), but it was also Momma’s and Grandma’s birthdays!!  Woohoo.  So, on Thursday, Grandma and Grandpa came over to help celebrate.  They brought Charley some gifts for his birthday last week.


And I tried to win Grandma over some more by just being persistent, really. She seemed thrilled that I wanted in on that birthday cake!  Look at those brownies!  Pet me woman and give me something to eat!!!


Thursday night we did okay with the fireworks. Momma put me in my thundershirt and I slept fine after that. And Charley didn’t even seem bothered at all.

It was HOT this weekend, so Momma and Pops took us down to the lake on Friday. I wanted to go over and say hello to all my friends, but they were busy snacking.


So I practiced my swimming. Wally, look at me goooooo!


Even Charley got in on the action. A little.  We see all four of your paws are submerged!


Then on Saturday we went out to The Big Duck. I had been here last year, but it was Charley’s first time.  Pops said Charley was acting up, so he had to be taught a lesson!  Just kidding.  He’s fine, really.


Anyways, here I am in front of The Big Duck.


And while we were there, we stopped to find the geocache that had been hidden there, GC16HMH, The Big Duck.  We found the cache (that little black thing in Pop’s hand), signed the log inside, and put it back for the next person to find.  You might want to check out that website and familiarize yourself with how to play.  I mean, you never know, Gizmo and I could be sending you out on a geocaching day in the near future, *cough* August *cough*.


And today Momma says maybe we will go back to the lake! I see the shampoo and conditioner making an appearance though, so I am hoping we are going to the lake before the bath! Four day weekends are just the best, don’t you guys think!!!

Now make sure to come by on Tuesday.  I am helping my friend Sprinkles with a special treat for Blogville residents.  See you then, ok….

Dudes, I’m Alright

Hey dudes, Charley here.  Heard that the Momma told you about my trip to the V-E-T.  Thanks guys for all of your concern.  The V-E-T gave me some special cleaner and some drops that I have to take for two weeks.  I am already feeling better and playing with Finn more.  AND, the peeps say they are gonna feed me more food every day so I can gain weight.  Totally awesome.

So like on Wednesday, I turned ONE!  Momma and Pops got me some CAKE from our local bakery.  Yup, a doggie cake.  Made with all sorts of delicious fattening goodness.


Yup, that’s my paw trying to get close! And you see those biscuits on the side? Excellent.


I got a piece.

So did Finn.


Then we played with some new toys that night and I made my peeps give me some extra hugs.


Cause I am ONE. And it’s awesome.


I’m ONE!

Here’s the cake Momma made!
Here I am about to tackle my new toy!

Here’s the ridiculous birthday princess head band they made me wear!
I have a feeling it’s going to be a great weekend!