First, I do believe we were awarded some honors this weekend while we had the sickies.  I have lost track of the comments, but I would like to thank everyone for thinking of us and passing along the awards to us!
Here is our post for the day:
I don’t know why I am finding Finn’s adeptness at retrieving so funny, but I do.
These are some sweats I was wearing for jammies.  
I left them on the bed when I went to work.
I came home from work and found them on the floor with her other toys.
This is a recurring phenomenon.  Sometimes my jammie shirt winds up by the front door, sometimes on our sofa, etc.  But not a day goes by where they don’t find their way down the stairs and on the floor with the rest of her toys.
Oh Finn.

What, She’s A Retriever, Right?

This would be an entire ensemble in her mouth – shirt, two socks and shorts.  
Nice work, Finn.