Blogger vs WordPress

Many of you have asked me since I have switched over to wordpress why I was doing it and if I liked it.  I wanted to give you a breakdown of my blogger and wordpress experiences now that I have been over here for a while….

I moved over to wordpress for more security in the beginning.  In wordpress, spam is pulled out of your comments and it is all spam +1 W

And in wordpress, you have to authorize a new visitor to leave their first comments +1 W

That being said, Madi’s comments are always in my spam folder -1 W

I found Blogger a little more intuitive as a program.  I feel that their system is more navigable and I could figure out any changes they made to itself in a day or two +1B

WordPress seems to be slightly more professional, and you can create your own domain name for a minimal charge +1 W

When I logged into my gmail, I was logged into Blogger.  I miss having the two connected +1 B

I know that Blogger users now have to enter more information in order to leave a comment.  -1 W  But it is for security purposes, so I appreciate all you who do that.

In wordpress, you know if someone else in wordpress is responding to your comments +1 W  In blogger, you had to go back to that person’s blog to see if there was a response or comment, and I never really followed up on that.

In wordpress, you can search easier for other blogs you would like to follow or check out.  I have found a few new dog blogs on here I never knew existed on blogger +1 W

Sometimes, in wordpress, all of the blogs that I follow don’t pop up when I try to go through them.  If I log in when I wake up, it will tell me I have a handful of new posts, and then if I go back later, there will be a ton of posts that weren’t there the first time from overnight.  It is the weirdest thing -1 W

So, to break it down:

WordPress 2, Blogger 2

Election Day

Dear Frankie,

We could not have asked for a more forward-thinking, creative, innovative, and inclusive first mayor of Blogville.  I am honored to be a resident under your reign.  For this, we thank you.

Love, Finnackles

Dear Madi,

I am thrilled that you are the incoming mayor!  (Or, at least I think you are going to be after the vote today!)  And I could not be more excited to (let the cat out of the bag that I am going to be in the cabinet once you are sworn in) be asked to be the Director of Parks and Recreation in your mayoral cabinet!!!  Thank you for bestowing this honor to me!  I shall do you and your term proud by showcasing the finest Blogville-critter friendly places around.

But Madi?  I have something that I want to tell you – we are moving into winter here in NY, so we may not be making as many park visits now.  But I promise to resume my visits on warmer days and in the spring!

And just to let you know how seriously I am taking this coveted position, I am including some pics of my most favorite park pictures so far in my young life.

Love, Finnackles

Old Westbury Gardens, Westbury, NY

Montauk Point, Montauk, NY

Sagamore Hill National Historic Park, Oyster Bay, NY

Citifield, Flushing, NY

Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Manorville, NY

Cranberry Bog Nature Preserve, Riverhead, NY

Saratoga Spa State Park, Saratoga, NY


So, my Momma and I were out last weekend having breakfast.  She isn’t really a dog fan, but she understands that Finn is the grandchild I have produced for her, so she plays along.

“How’s the boyfriend Finn has in Singapore?” she asks.  (Cody, where are you??  We miss you!!)

“I don’t know,” I say.  “They haven’t been posting in a while.  But, we are planning a dog and cat Olympics.  People signed up for different sports they are going to host.  I am doing the Closing Ceremony!”  (I share TOP SECRET details of the ceremony with her.  She cannot be bribed, don’t try!)

“When are you having the Olympics?”

“During the actual Olympics.  We are very organized.”

Now, she begins to look at me kind of strangely.  She tilted her head to the side and asked me if I was okay.

“Yes, I am fine.  Here,” I say as I pull out some pictures on my phone.  “This is Finn breathing on our front door for Nose Art, this is Finn drawing us for the Draw Your Peeps event.  And this is Finn wrestling with the bathtub.  See?  All the events are like dog-related.”

Mom took a sip of her coffee and changed the subject.  Probably to my brother’s children, you know, human kids.

Now, I ask you.  Have you ever tried to explained Blogville to non-Blogville residents?  Do these folks then feel your forehead to see if you have a fever?  Do they look at you sideways?  Do they ask you if you are alright?  I think it’s hilarious!  I remember when Sprinkles was doing an Anthropology class project, and she was going to argue in her paper that Blogville was its own culture.  I gave her some examples of how I thought this was true!  And now, seeing my mother’s reaction, it is more true to me than ever!

So, how do your loved ones react when you explain Blogville to them?