Flower Show

***Horns blasting***
Welcome, welcome to our flower show!  Thank you to all of my friends for sending in their pictures.  We are looking sharp in and amongst these pretty things, so let’s get started…
Here’s our friend Bert.  Those are some very pretty purple flowers there Bert!  You look very handsome sitting in them.  Bert’s Momma took the pink flower picture too.
Here are Frankie‘s pics…he’s getting ready for the Paw-litical science lecture later!  He says these are hibiscus next to HIS four-wheeler that he just lets his Mom and Dad drive sometimes.  Uh oh, that means some trouble I think!  And check out that pretty sunflower.  Ooo lala.
Look at these lavender pics from Tessa – can you spot the bee?  Those are some beautiful bushes – I can almost smell the lavender from here!

These are from my dear friend Sarge!  The first one is a super pretty bouquet from his mom’s boss when she got promoted!  Nice work Momma!  The second is a lilac bush and bleeding heart in their yard.  Very pretty!

Here is a beautiful delilah flower taken at the Shrewsbury Flower Show by our friend George.  Such vibrant colors!
This is a passion flower from my new friend Roo.  These flowers are just so beautiful!  I would definitely be dangerous stomping around in those!
Look at these beauties from Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog   I love Arty Mouse with the Bougainvillea and the Butterfly Bush!

Here are some gorgeous pictures from Finley.  All I can say is WOW!  They grow some beautiful flowers in Dallas!
Here’s the brand new firechief of Blogville, Bucky, courtesy of K-9 Katastrophie sporting that lovely flower!  Look at that close-up – how gorgeous!

Look at Dex and Lou having fun in their garden too!  This is what I like to see, a lot of getting right in there and sniffing, Dex!  Love that pose Lou!

Here’s our friend Bowie making good use of the flower bed!  Love it!
Here’s our friend Wyatt – that is one great photo of you in front of those foxgloves!  I love the background too – so beautiful!
Here are some great photographs from our favorite 2 Brown Dawgs!  
Love that Purple Curtain!

Here’s a beautiful one of Rose Bud at The Love Shack Pack!  
Here’s our friend from Denver, Duncan, and some photos he took while walking his human this summer! 

Here’s our friend Sweet William The Scot, hiding in the Black Eyed Susans, waiting on the birds to feed on the seeds!  He jumps out and scares them, such a little devil!
Here are our friends Bilbo & Dory running through blue bonnets!  Looking good guys!

Here’s a beautiful orchid from our friend Oskar, whose Momma took the photo in the greenhouses at the Biltmore Mansion in North Carolina.  Very nice!
And, last but not least, me…The Finn!  I have no idea what kinds of flowers these are, but I was happy to sit in the shade right in front of them and to run right through them!
And here are some flower pics that Momma just thought you might like…
Christmas lights on flowers!!
Pops picked Momma some flowers!
Flowers that float with Chihuly glass!
Hope you enjoyed our flower show!  Thank you again to everyone who sent in pics!  See you over at French class later!
And make sure to check out everything else happening this weekend with SugarSarge, and Frankie!