Water Bottle Puzzle

Well, we read about this yesterday on our friend Harper Lee’s blog so we can’t take full credit, but we did have a lot of fun!

Step 1.  Empty out a water bottle.  Finn knows this is lip-smacking delicious!


Step 2.  Fill with treats. We broke a big biscuit in half and crumbled it into each bottle and then threw in two training treats a piece.


Step 3. Watch the dogs go crazy trying to get the treats out.



Aaaaand the final products.  I think Finn just smashed the treats into tinier pieces and licked them out, while Charley went for the more violent method of destroying the bottle head to get them out.  In the end I helped them get the pieces out before they choked on the pieces of plastic bottle they were chewing off and they seemed pretty pleased about that.  Thanks Miss Harper Lee for the idea!  We will definitely do again on another rainy night!