Water Bottle Puzzle

Well, we read about this yesterday on our friend Harper Lee’s blog so we can’t take full credit, but we did have a lot of fun!

Step 1.  Empty out a water bottle.  Finn knows this is lip-smacking delicious!


Step 2.  Fill with treats. We broke a big biscuit in half and crumbled it into each bottle and then threw in two training treats a piece.


Step 3. Watch the dogs go crazy trying to get the treats out.



Aaaaand the final products.  I think Finn just smashed the treats into tinier pieces and licked them out, while Charley went for the more violent method of destroying the bottle head to get them out.  In the end I helped them get the pieces out before they choked on the pieces of plastic bottle they were chewing off and they seemed pretty pleased about that.  Thanks Miss Harper Lee for the idea!  We will definitely do again on another rainy night!


Product Review: Kong Premium Treats

We were asked to review a sampling of Kong Premium Treats!  They are one of our Park Day 2.0 sponsors and some very lucky doggies may be winning some of these treats in June if they play.  Before I begin, I should tell you first that I was not compensated in any way for this review.  Finn and Charley got the treats, so they were over the moon to try them out!  These opinions are those of  me and me alone.

The first product we tried was the Drumstick Premium Dog Chew.  I chose this treat in particular because I am always in the market for treats which I think will last more than two seconds to eat.  I was not disappointed.  They don’t contain wheat, corn or soy, any animal bi-products or colorants.  And they are made right here is the USA.


I was so pleased that the dogs passed the dual sit test.  Regular followers of my blog know that this is complicated to achieve for any length of time, and here we have it.  Treats worth waiting for.


Charley tended to chomp off the chicken part of the treat and then attack the bone.


Finn was slightly more gentle at first, but then tried to just chomp off bite by bite of both meat and bone, and it took her a few extra minutes more of chew time by going this route.


Overall, I give these treats two thumbs up.  They were delicious, healthy, and big enough to take them both a bit of time to eat!

We then tried Retriever Rolls, 100% all natural beef hide.  These are also made in the USA.  I was first really impressed with the packaging.  Two eight-inch rolls come in one package, and the package is resealable, which is so smart.


Generally, when I give Finn a rawhide roll of this size, it is devoured within an hour perhaps?  She is a real pro.  This roll lasted her for well over three hours in three sittings.  And, when we sat down to eat dinner, there was no charge on the kitchen from Finn or Charley, not even when I dropped the tomato sauce on the kitchen floor!  So I know they thought they were delicious.


This was Charley’s first treat of this size, and given his delicate stomach and inexperience with the rolls, we let him munch on it for about thirty minutes.


I enjoyed knowing that there also did not contain harmful preservatives or colorants, and they help clean teeth and freshen breath too.  They also contain STAY-C, a patented protected bio-available form of Vitamin C.

Overall, we were very happy with our Kong Premium Treats experience, and I would recommend them to any dog, we swear on our eight paws!

Gift Bag!

My box arrived from Sweet William the Scot from winning his Name that Song game!  I would like to thank him for hosting such a cool game!  I had a lot of fun playing!

Here we are – such a good Stay!

A rope toy!!  I love it!!

A little treat for each of us!

And a close up of our Blue Diamond bag.  Just lovely!

Thank you again, thank you again!  I love it all!!

And, we want to take a moment to pray for those who innocently lost
their lives eleven years ago today.  We will not forget. 

August Barkbox!

Our August Barkbox arrived!!!
Someone was very excited about this slingshot toy!

We got some tasty treats and body spray too!

Right, like I said, this is supposed to be a slingshot toy.

We’ll see if she’ll let us play with it like that any time soon!
Two months of Barkbox, and we are nothing but pleased!


This is Finn speak for “Give me the Bobble”
(…since it is filled with treats)
We say she learned this out of The Golden Handbook.
You guys have things you do out of your handbook?

Finn’s Chompers

She makes me laugh for a couple of reasons…

– I have to hold the hoof-thing for her.
– While she is laying down in her night-time sleeping place
– And look at those chompers!

Oh, Finn!

My Christmas Morning

First, Momma turned on a movie and it played allllllll dayyyyyyy longggg….
Then she brought out a gift baggie just for me!

A card from the Big Guy himself!!!  On rawhide!!  He does exist!

What’s this?

A snowman?  That squeaks?

To the pillow!!

There’s more?!

To the pillow again!

Yes, I love them all!

More?  Oh, those are for Momma and Pops…

I’ll just nosh on my card…

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas filled with squeakie toys and extra treats!

Show Us Your Treat Jar & Christmas Card Exchange

After I made my rant about the Kong ball, 
I did finally go out and buy the treats that would fit.  
And Finn loves it.

Sorry about that Kong, can we still be friends?
So, we don’t have a treat jar, we keep all of Finn’s treats in their baggies on top of the fridge.  Sometimes when we are in the kitchen, poor Finn will glance up to the fridge…and then to us….and then to fridge…
Today we will be dropping off a bag of the treats to our local shelter, in support of Cybersibes’ show us your treat day!  Even though Finn just found these treats two weeks ago, she jumps around when she sees the ball coming up and tries to gobble up those treats as quickly as possible!
And, don’t forget about our Christmas Card Exchange!  If you LOVE mail and you want to get involved in the action, see the directions here!

Momma’s FAIL

I was so busy buying pressies and making cakes for a certain dog’s birthday 
last week, that in the midst of it, I made an epic FAIL.
One of the gifts I bought for Finn was this
The folks who bought it raved about it!  Their dogs begged them to fill it up and 
let them play with it.  So, I went for it.  When it came, I stuffed it with our usual treats, but since we’re still using puppy sized treats, they fell out too easily,
 as in – fell out before I even put the ball on the floor.  
FAIL on Momma’s part for buying a toy before looking for the matching treats!!!
I went to the pet store and tried to size up bone-shaped treats that would fit into the little slot and found these:
Look, perfect bone size, seemed like a healthy natural product.  And all the Kong treats I looked at in the pet store weren’t bone shaped.  And therefore, I incorrectly surmised, would not fit into the bone shaped holes in the ball.
These treats I bought in the store are just small enough that they fall out a little too easily too.  Like one push with the paw and one roll of the ball and the treat is out.  
Then I went back and looked at the picture online and saw that I’m just supposed to 
buy the Kong-shaped Kong treats and stuff them sideways into the 
bone-shaped holes in the ball.  
Ughghghhggg.  Ever notice that what seems like a good idea at that instant moment in time never really turns out to be a good idea?  
I’m making three trips to the pet store for this stupid ball!  FAIL!  And, when I bought the proper treats, and tried them out in the ball, it took Finn all of about five minutes to get them out.  FAIL FAIL FAIL.
Momma’s rant is over now.  We’ll go back to our regularly scheduled programming of cute Finn pictures and stories next time.  She just had to let that all out.  Thank you.

More? In the Orphanage, You Want More?!

It’s like we never feed her!  They are for you silly!  Oh Finn, it’s a rough life you have there. 
Thank you for your comments on our last walking post.  The next time we go for a walk in a new place, I’ll try to pause more and have some different treats available so it’s a little more fun!  And, we’ll obviously let you know how it all goes!

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