Our Busy Day

Well, no sooner had I read over my post yesterday morning about how much I loved the Finn, did she do something that made me worry sick.

Guess where this picture was taken?  She looks pretty happy and normal, right?

Well, we are at the emergency vet.  That’s right.  Apparently, my normal vet couldn’t squeeze us in yesterday (note to self, find new vet) and we had to run to the emergency room for my little girl!  She wasn’t sitting, and favored one hind leg over the other and her tail wasn’t raised at all.  She had been moping around all morning too, just not acting like herself.  
So, the vet performed a little rear cleansing, we discovered she’s backed up with….wood chips!  Oh Finn.  And bad supervision by the peeps in this house.  We get a big F for bad backyard supervision. 
And, after a little stretching, we’re hoping that she’s just sprained her leg.  😦  
So, Finn’s suped up on drugs, eating some pumpkin and resting with Momma for the day.  I realized how much I loved my little girl.  Hope she’s feeling better soon.