We Met the Urban Hounds!!

Well…three of them!  Do you know Kate and her Urban Hounds?  She had always wanted to take some of her crew to a winery and since we live out near some, she asked Momma and I to join her!  How cool is that!

So, Saturday morning, Momma packed me up and we were on our way.  And here they are!  Say hi to Kate & John and Ping, Tubby and Weasley.


Turn around guys!  It was so hard to concentrate with all these animals around.  We got to sniff at some horses, llamas, sheep and piggies too.


Here I am with Weasley getting a sniff at some of our new friends.  It was so awesome.  The peeps chatted and we walked around for a bit.  The next thing we knew, two hours had flown by and my friends had to be on their way.  Before they left, I made sure Miss Kate gave me a little bit of love.


So until next time Urban Hounds…we hope to see you again!

Martha Clara Vineyards

Last weekend, we took a drive out to Martha Clara Vineyards.  We took Finn there last winter and she had an amazing time, so we thought we would bring Charley out to a destination (other than the vet and the dog run) for the first time.  The wonderful thing about the wineries by us is that they are all pet friendly.  Well, we hadn’t realized that it was the day before St. Paddy’s, and the wineries were doing there own celebrating, so it was completely packed.  I took Charley into the area where you can buy wine, and he was so nervous.  Another woman with a dog came over, and he sniffed a bit, but he had no interest really after the initial meeting.  I forced a couple of laps around the gift shop while hubs played with Finn a bit and then we went outside and sniffed around with the farm animals.




It’s so interesting to see some personality differences. Finn would have jumped right in there with these guys and Charley was more interested in finding sticks and sniffing the bird poop!


We took a nice ride yesterday out to the vineyards, which are very, very dog-friendly.  Our first stop was Martha Clara Vineyard, in Riverhead, NY.
They are open year round and, they have dog walk programs once a month throughout the winter and then more frequently in the spring!  Yesterday, when we parked the car, we were greeted by these guys – 
Finn went over to investigate…
And then Finn went over and made friends with some of the goats.  We think she really wanted to get inside that pen to play.

Time to head inside for what we came for.  What’ll it be, Finn?  White or red?

The staff was so friendly and really didn’t mind having Finn in there.  Biscuits suddenly appeared from behind the bar and everyone was happy!

We sniffed around the gift shop too…

And then Finn found me in the tasting room enjoying my glass…

And helped me pick out a bottle to bring home.

You’d think one stop was enough, but no, no, Momma needed another glass.  So, off we went to Macari Vineyards in Mattituck, NY.

Taking a little stroll outside before we head into the tasting…

Can I try some Momma, can I?  Can I?  Can I?

No, no, it was enjoyed by just Momma.  The staff here was so friendly as well and they all came out from behind the bar to give Finn a nice hug or two.

A great outing indeed!  Everyone went home very happy!